Zoom Strengthens Rebrand Message With Ad Series

The first Zoom ad in the series highlighting the company’s rebranding efforts led by agency 72andSunny aired last week during Thursday Night Football via Amazon Prime.

It promoted Zoom Team Chat in a 15-second spot highlighting how a healthcare customer might use the Zoom communications platform.

“This is part of the larger brand campaign that we did,” said Ben Torres Ezrick, Zoom head of brand marketing.

The video ads will run on streaming video channels such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Peacock.

The Big Show -- the first ad -- is the highest-quality video production Zoom has done. It tells the brand’s visual story in a new way, as the company evolves from a video platform to communications and collaboration system. 

Last week’s ad showed hospital workers using Team Chat and Zoom Phone to better serve patients. The second ad will feature Zoom Contact Center next week on streaming platforms across five markets. The third ad will feature Zoom Phone and Chat and run later in the fourth quarter.



Each of the spots will have a 30-second and 15-second as well as a 6-second version that Torres Ezrick says works better in social media.

“We are also running digital display, out of home with a focus on programmatic, and streaming audio and social media,” he said. “It’s part of a larger multichannel approach.”

Torres Ezrick said Zoom also uses Google Search. If someone searches for voice over Internet protocol system, the company would encourage them to learn more about Zoom Phone.

“We have robust search marketing campaign,” he said, which means working closely with Google to “showcase” products and communications platform when they show intent to explain the benefits.

Zoom relies on search data to understand whether the interest in Zoom products increases in demand based on the advertising.

Torres Ezrick landed at Zoom about five months ago from Google, where he served as head of consumer marketing at Waze, the company’s community-driven navigation app.

He also supported Google Maps, Google Local Guides, and other various platforms during his more than eight years at the company. He also spent four years at AT&T.

When asked how Zoom marketers intend to prove success from the series of ads, Torres Ezrick cited internal data, as well as brand lift studies.

The focus will be on “whether or not someone who has viewed the ad realizes that Zoom has a communications platform and understands the product referenced in the ads,” he said.

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