Instacart Promotions In Ad Manager Expand Campaign Options For Brands

With the launch of Instacart Promotions in Ad Manager on Wednesday, advertisers have a new suite of solutions to offer consumers savings on a variety of products.

About 5,500 brands now have access to Coupons, and Stock Up & Save promotion campaigns. And in the coming months, Instacart will improve on the new Promotions offering with Free Gifts, and Buy One, Get One (BOGO).

Promotions are designed to strengthen campaign performance and close the gap when consumers are on the fence about making the purchase.

Ali Miller, vice president of ads product at Instacart, believes ordering groceries online should not be a luxury or convenience for some, but an option for everyone -- no matter what the  budget.

But in rural areas across the United States, it’s not always possible to get groceries delivered, at least through Instacart.

Think of grocery delivery systems can be viewed in a way that is similar to creating access to the last mile for internet access. Starlink and other services, for the most part, solved the problem of bringing internet access to those without it by developing satellite services.

Many hope that grocery delivery services from major cities across the U.S. into rural areas will come next.  

“With the launch of our new Instacart Promotions, all of our brand partners now have the ability to set up coupons and promotions that can drive meaningful business results while also passing on more savings opportunities to consumers,” Miller wrote in a post. “We’re proud to continue expanding our portfolio with additional self-service capabilities, ad formats that drive results, and measurement that brands need to understand the true impact of their campaigns on Instacart.”

Instacart estimates saving consumers more than $700 million by running hundreds of thousands of deals and coupons across the marketplace daily.

This year the company launched a full-funnel advertising product suite, featuring inspirational and discovery products, Pop-Ups, Pages, Shoppable Display, and Shoppable Video. And it invested in measurement features to help brand partners understand the impact of Instacart Ads campaigns.


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