Insider Launches AMP For Email, Other Tools

Marketing platform Insider has launched several new features during Q4 that it says will help brands provide individualized experiences for customers.

One is AMP (accelerated mobile pages) for email, a platform that allows consumers to make purchases, experience products, and form submissions within emails. This minimizes clicks, redirects, and scrolls, the firm says. 

Brands can use AMP to offer web-like experiences within an email, including click-to-submit NPS surveys, newsletters with collapsible content, swipe-able gallery experiences, travel booking and zero-party data collection surveys.

Insider provides drag-and-drop blocks and 15+ pre-built AMP templates that allow marketers to launch AMP campaigns in without any coding efforts.



AMP for email is not yet being widely used, judging by a study released earlier this year by the Email Sender Of & Provider Coalition.

Google debuted AMP for Email in 2019. 

Only 22% of the responding ESPs now support AMP. Across 32 of the most popular ESPs, 28% handle AMP. And 71% of the ESPs say this is due to lack of interest by clients. 

However, Insider says its AMP emails have 130% higher form submissions, 5x greater engagement, and 107% higher ROI compared to regular emails.

The company is also offering WhatsApp Text to Opt-in. Consumers can scan a QR from a landing page and send a WhatsApp message to opt in. In addition, Insider’s new WhatsApp CTA template enables brands to leverage one-touch conversion on WhatsApp. 

In addition, Insider’s integration with Tiktok, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads enables brands to remarket and re-engage users on those social platforms.

Insider has also debuted TikTok and Shopify integrations, cross-channel price alerts, back-in-stock alerts, transactional SMS and WhatsApp CTA. It provides one-click Shopify integration.

In addition, it is offering new ID resolution settings, providing brands with flexibility and control to define identifiers and unify their customer profiles, the company states. 



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