Qualcomm Campaign Taps Michelle Yeoh To Share The Infinite Possibilities Of AI

Qualcomm launched a campaign starring Oscar-nominee Michelle Yeoh called The Edge of Possible, highlighting the everyday impact artificial intelligence (AI) has on people’s lives. It is part of a multi-year storytelling effort to make Qualcomm synonymous with 5G and the connected intelligent edge.

The first of four videos the company will create to tell the story. The first, The Edge of Possible, aims to humanize artificial intelligence (AI) and showcase its potential to improve people's lives. Others will include advancements in Bluetooth, connectivity, and Wi-Fi.

“It’s a complicated story to tell business decision makers, so we decided to pair it into chapters, building blocks,” said Don McGuire, Qualcomm CMO. “The first three will highlight certain technology. The fourth will bring it all together.”



Yeoh is best known for her roles in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Memoirs of a Geisha. The six-minute video provides the content as part of a paid publisher partnership in North America. The contract is for three years. Filming began in August for the first video, which debuted earlier this month.

The media buy includes 15-second vignettes focused on use cases of the technology highlighted in the six-minute short film. CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times are the top online publications in which the campaign will appear.

Qualcomm also created a landing page, The Edge of Possible, that will host the videos.

Qualcomm has traditionally been known as a mobile chip company but the company’s business has significantly diversified in recent years. The technology now can be found in a range of devices in industries spanning automotive, industrial IOT, enterprise and many others.

Yeoh has acted for many years and yet at age 60, she is rising in her career, with an Academy Award nomination.

When asked why Qualcomm choose Yeoh as the spokesperson, McGuire said “her ascension is so unique, peaking in her career now in an ageist Hollywood is an amazing ceiling-breaking endeavor.”

The campaign tries to humanize AI. McGuire said Yeoh embraces technology in storytelling with confidence. She is modern and not afraid to take on new concepts.

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