Twitch Livestream Competitor Trovo Launches New Ad Automation Tool

With the ongoing popularity of video, especially among younger Gen Z audiences, livestreaming is becoming a mainstay for media consumption, gaming, ecommerce and ad sales. 

Leading livestream platform Twitch (owned by Amazon), currently has around 140 million monthly active users, whereas its direct competitor Trovo (owned by Chinese conglomerate Tencent) has five million monthly active users. 

Yet, with 600,000 influencers now active on its platform, Trovo has announced the launch of an integrated livestream technology called Uplify, which aims to help brands and content creators boost revenues with interactive ads. 

According to a recent press release, Uplify uses its sponsorship automation technology to offer block-resistant ads with up to a 78% recall rate. 



By using Uplify’s AdTech platform, streamers and advertisers on Trovo may have a better chance at reaching niche audiences at scale, which will help influencers monetize their content on a cost-per-view basis.  

According to the partnership deal, Uplify says it will work with advertisers to bring sponsorship to Trovo creators, and insert interactive and highly engaging ads within the platform’s livestreams.

“Our mission is that every single one of our influencers, from the smallest to the biggest, is able to make  a living from their passion,” says Felipe Pastenes, global business development manager at Trovo. “The deal with Uplify doesn't discriminate against influencers by the size of their audience.”

Until recently, Trovo’s main monetization product was aimed towards audience contributions. Influencers monetized their content through Trovo’s PK Arena, where they challenged other influencers and received prizes. Monthly events with different rewards and donation features allowed viewers to donate to their favorite streamers.

“Today, being a creator means building multiple revenue streams, keeping up with change and developing marketing channels to generate revenue,” says Pasha Medvedev, Uplify’s co-founder and chief operating officer. “For brands, partnering with creators means attracting new audiences and establishing long-term partnerships.” 

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