AI For Creative Optimization Sees 800% Improvement On ROAS, Company Reports

Optimizing creative performance to determine the best size and color of the font for an ad’s headline and other subjective creative elements is difficult because of inherent biases.

Developers at Albert AI, owned by Zoomd, aimed to prove that the company’s technology can improve creative performance by optimizing ad parameters from among preset options that meet or exceed the advertiser’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

An unnamed ecommerce company worked with Albert AI to increase its return on ad spend (ROAS) by 500%. The campaign not only surpassed the percentage but achieved an 800% improvement in ROAS.

The ecommerce company, now in its fourth year working with Albert, is still achieving improvements in ROAS between 10% and 20%.

It took Albert 12 years to develop its AI and machine-learning technologies. The combination enables marketers to optimize ad targeting and placements, as well as to continuously monitor and adjust the campaigns to achieve maximum performance.



The technology first processes and then analyzes audience and tactical data. Then, it autonomously allocates ad spend to optimize the creative. The technology can optimize campaign performance across social media and paid search. 

The key, Albert’s technology determines when to refresh and then change ads to ensure the best ROAS. 

With marketers running multiple ad combinations across different channels and platforms, the ability to understand when it’s time to change or replace an ad becomes very important.

Ads lose their impact in time, but different ads need to be changes at different rates, regardless of ad frequency, according to the company.

The technology leverages AI to create ads that optimize campaign performance, from keyword, audience, platform, and device selection and bidding to creative optimization across search, social, display, and cross-channel.

It creates the optimal ads by selecting the best images, colors, fonts, and texts that generated the most cost-effective performance for the target audience. The tech doesn’t create the image of graphics, but it does optimize performance based on the creative assets like art and copy, as well as brand strategy provided by the marketer.

Albert assists marketers and agencies -- from defining campaign strategies and messaging to the creation and optimization of ads across audience segments and platforms. The technology works continuously to optimize campaign performance -- something a marketer really cannot do alone.

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