Basis Technologies Lays Off Employees As It Restructures

Add Basis Technologies, which provides cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence, to the list of ad-tech companies that are laying off employees.

The company about two weeks ago quietly laid off some 4% of its workforce, about 40 team members from sales and service groups.

Late last year it took a bold move and announced the availability of programmatic guaranteed buying integrated with a vendor directory and communications module.

The Basis platform connects programmatic guaranteed campaign execution with media planning, vendor negotiations, and deal activation to streamline the entire process.

Laura Daniela Daza Gomez, digital marketing specialist; Emily Steele, group vice president of client and media services; Tim Blakemore, vice president of client and media services; and Jeff Israel, vice president of client analytics were among those let go.

“It's unfortunate but my time at Basis Technologies (formerly Centro) has come to an end after nearly 10 years,” Israel wrote in a LinkedIn post. “This week I was added to the large number of people impacted by #layoffs that are happening across the tech and ad industries. Due to a restructure at Basis Technologies, my role was affected.”

The posts on LinkedIn are turning the social media site into a giant job message board, consoling those who have lost their jobs being supportive of them as they look for new ones.

LinkedIn members like Marc Goldberg, principal at Stages Collective, are posting “open roles” to support those who are looking.  

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