Pinterest Offers Advertisers New Ways To Target Eco-Friendly Users

Pinterest claims that protecting the environment is shaping the way consumers are buying.

In preparation for Earth Day, the image-sharing social service is dishing out tips for how advertisers can incorporate sustainability messaging into their Pinterest ads, based on an internal study of 54 brand campaigns across Europe that took on sustainability.

“From extreme weather events to global food insecurity, the reality is stark,” Pinterest states in the announcement. “Consumers are increasingly conscious of their impact on the world around them.”

For starters, the company’s study found that 94% of sustainable campaigns lifted Pin awareness compared to 84% of non-sustainable campaigns, with the former driving action intent: “Campaigns with sustainable messaging were 2.4x more likely to lift action intent” compared to the latter.

Because the platform is based around images and, recently, video, Pinterest suggests ads have a clear visual focus on eco-friendly behavior to succeed, with the right imagery to “illustrate the purpose and match your color palette to your green ambitions to help build awareness and trust.”

Pinterest showcases cleaning products brand Dettol in their report, showing how its campaign to sell a line of plant-based cleaning products known as Tru Clean used shades of green paired with ecological imagery such as plant leaves in static and video ads.

“As a result, the campaign saw a lift of 3.5 points in aided brand awareness for people ages 35-49,” according to Pinterest.

Pinterest also suggests that a brand's creative content should clearly describe the product's green credentials with statistics related to the reduction of carbon emissions or recycled materials.

Pinterest identifies the majority of its users as environmentally conscious, stating that they are 63% more likely than those who are not on the platform to buy a product or support a company if they know it’s environmentally friendly.

This is why the company is providing new advertising tools to help connect with these users.

Brands can now target these audiences in Ads Manager using a combination of predefined interests and keywords, like “electric cars,” “recycled fashion” and “energy saving tips.”

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