Roku Maintains 50% Share In Programmatic CTV Advertising, Amazon Has Biggest YOY Increase

Although Roku represents 50% of all programmatic connected TV (CTV) advertising in North America delivered to Roku devices, Amazon has recorded the biggest jump year-over-year -- up 86% and rising to a 13% share.

These results, for February, come from Pixalate, an advertising-fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics firm.

Samsung also notched a significant rise -- adding 10% to its programming TV advertising CTV coffers. The data shows Samsung has a 21% share.

Roku's results dipped 4% year-over-year.

After the big three comes Apple with a 5% share, followed by LG with 4% and Vizio at 4%. These are followed by Xiaomi, Microsoft, Chromecast, each with a 1% share.

Roku also had a dominant share in Latin American territories -- growing to 44%.

In Asia-Pacific regions, Samsung leads with a 21% share, followed by Chromecast (15%) and Roku (14%). Samsung has improved 5% year-over-year, with Roku adding 8%. Chromecast is down 32%.

Pixalate’s data comes from over 70,000 programmatic-supported CTV apps, and over 300 million CTV devices, and billions of CTV programmatic advertising impressions.



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