Audio Listening Habits And How Marketers Can Capitalize On Summer

Many of my friends who write fiction and memoirs say they listen to music while creating. If I would have to guess, I would say eight out of 10 do this. Does that mean they would accept a commercial break? I don’t think so.

It’s the focus on the tones and the notes that inspires them, similar to the way the longer days of spring and summer inspire people to venture out of their homes to visit friends, travel, enjoy outdoor activities, eat and shop.

Audio research and analytics platform Veritonic conducted a survey in April of 598 U.S. individuals, ages 18 and older, who reported listening to podcasts and streaming audio at least once in the last month. The data found 78% are likely to listen to streaming audio and podcasts when outside in the summer.

Scott Simonelli, co-founder and CEO of Veritonic, believes with more people listening to audio and podcasts it will shift advertising dollars — at least during spring and summer.



“A mobile-first, always-on and deeply engaging medium like audio gives advertisers a vehicle to test and optimize campaigns,” he said.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) hosted its annual podcast upfront earlier in May, projecting ad revenue to climb 25% in 2023 -- surpassing $2 billion in annual ad revenue. By the end of 2025, the IAB expects ad revenue to reach $3.98 billion, more than doubling from 2022 revenue.

The survey unpacked monthly spring and summer listening habits for podcasts, music and streaming audio found 50% listen during beach days and 65% listen during outdoor activities.

During idle tasks such as waiting in line at the airport or for an appointment, 66% said they listen to streaming audio, while 51% cited podcasts and 21% said they listen to AM or FM radio.

Some 66% reported listening to podcasts when they are bored, outranking consumption of both television and streaming audio. About 62% said they stream TV, while 58% listen to streaming audio and 23% listen to the AM or FM radio when bored.

About 63% listen to podcasts when they are on road trips, while 72% listen to streaming audio, 58% listen to AM or FM radio, and 8% find other content.

Some 37% of respondents also said they are most likely to tune into streaming audio, podcasts, or music while dining outdoors and 30% tune in while camping.

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