Wonka -- The Candy Brand -- Returns Ahead Of Prequel Movie

In a move echoing the brand’s initial origins, Wonka -- the candy brand -- is returning ahead of the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures “Wonka” prequel movie starring Timothee Chalamet, set for a Dec. 15 cinematic release.

That gives the revival some historical parallels, as the original film’s title change from Roal Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” was a concession to Quaker Oats, who helped finance the 1971 film in exchange for branding rights echoing its new Wonka candy bar.

This revival of the Wonka name comes in the form of Ferrara’s "limited-edition” Wonka Magic Hat Gummies, which will make their debut at Walmart stores starting Sept. 1, and retailers nationwide starting Sept. 28.  It’s unclear if there are further plans for the Wonka branding going forward.



In conjunction with the product launch, Ferrara and Warner Bros. teamed up for a “Dream It & Do It”  sweepstakes. The promo provides fans who purchase the candy $5 in movie rewards to see "Wonka" in theaters, while supplies last, as well as a chance to win one of four tickets to a Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood Deluxe Tour.

Wonka was among the brands the Italian confectionery company got when it acquired the Nestlé U.S. candy business in 2018. The Swiss conglomerate had acquired what was then known as Willy Wonka Brands some 30 years earlier, changing the name to Willy Wonka Candy Company in 1993 before retiring the Wonka moniker.

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