LinkedIn Lets Users Search For All Branded Content Partnerships

In order to cater to creators and brands while boosting transparency around advertising on the platform, LinkedIn is now inviting its users to search for any in-app branded=content partnership by keywords and post-dates. The new search function is part of LinkedIn’s public Ad Library database.

Brand Partnerships Search allows anyone to look into the ways in which brands are using influencer partnerships on LinkedIn, providing more strategic insight and knowledge around paid promotions.

Creators can use the function to identify brands already interested in paid collaborations, and brands can discover working creators while tracking what their competitors are up to on the app.

This may prove useful as LinkedIn pushes for more sponsored content.

Last month, for example, the app rolled out branded content tags for posts, giving creators a new opportunity to enhance their presence and grow their following.



LinkedIn has also been adding elements to its Creator Mode, providing creators with new ways to engage their audience via live broadcasts, audio events, and on-profile URL link display.

In addition, the platform has been testing a feature that shares analytics for posts with businesses during collaborative campaigns.

The decision to launch Brand Partnership Search is also tied directly to LinkedIn's need to meet the requirements of the European Union's new Digital Services Act, which demands that social platforms provide a searchable database of branded content partnerships to give users increased transparency around what they are seeing and why.

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