Google Quietly Tests 'Shop All Deals' Banner

Google is testing a banner in search results that would allow people who are searching for products to click on the image to make a purchase.

The “Shop All Deals” banner takes the consumer clicking on the image to a page that details the deals.

Ankit Srivastava, a digital marketer who goes by the handle @VaranasiBlogger on X, first identified the banner in Google Search. With one click, he explains, the banner redirected the user to another Search Results page.

Neil McCarthy, an SEO consultant in France, also identified the search banner on

However, Google may have challenges this year, as more consumers look toward other options to find and buy products and services.



With the holidays swiftly approaching, non-paid will bring awareness to products and services, but paid media will influence purchases, according to recent data that also says 97% of consumers will shop online for the holidays.

Some 54% of buyers participating in a survey by Basis Technologies say they will research online before purchasing, and 36% will use search engines, while 41% will browse online for new products or brands.

The report was produced in partnership with GWI, which used a panel of more than 22 million consumers, and fielded the 2023 Holiday Shopping Trends survey from August 24, 2023, to September 1, 2023.

TV ads influence Millennials’ holiday gift buying by 34% more than the average U.S. consumer, and social media influences Gen Z about 240% more than the average consumer, according to a report.

Still, consumers are placing greater importance on celebrating with others and keeping traditions, with 80% of respondents saying that time with the people they love is the best gift.

About 78% of those who celebrate Christmas plan to buy gifts for others this year, 64% who celebrate Hanukkah, 30% who celebrate Diwali, and 20% of those who celebrate Kwanzaa.

About 19% of those buying gifts during the 2023 holidays say social media is an important resource, but 14% of those buying gifts are likely to buy them through social media platforms, according to Basis. Social media channels used to purchase gifts include 60% in Facebook, 58% in Instagram, 40% in YouTube, and 27% in TikTok.

Some 41% said they prefer retailers that help them find unique gifts, and 34% like it when retailers produce suggestions for entertain, decoration or gifts.

Sitecore, which works with brands like L’Oréal, Microsoft, and United Airlines, released its 2023 Holiday Report that estimates 41% of the 1,005 U.S. consumers participating in their commissioned survey released this week said holiday ads influence what and where they purchase gifts.

Some 62% of survey participants said they look to TikTok, while 67% rely on Instagram when deciding to purchase a gift. About 66% said they will buy directly from social media posts.

Survey participants also believe that Amazon knows consumers better than friends and family based on the data it stores from purchases. Some 43% said they are just as likely to get gift ideas from Amazon, and 48% for gift recommendations rather than friends and family.

In the Sitecore report, 62% will look to TikTok to buy gifts, 67% to Instagram, and 66% said they will buy direct from social media posts.

In some cases, artificial intelligence (AI) will pick out the gift, with 22% saying generative AI tools like ChatGPT or Bard will provide inspiration.

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