Advertiser Perceptions Launches Subscription Service

Demand-side B2B researcher Advertiser Perceptions has launched an "all-access" subscription service providing access to its research and analysis of the media, advertising and ad tech industries.

Dubbed the "AP Ad Insights Hub," the service begins with 20 reports focused on what the company deems "the most pressing topics within the advertising landscape," including access to:

  • Market Intelligence Reports
    • Comprehensive reports updated bimonthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually.
    • Brand tracking for 300+ unique media and ad tech brands/companies.
    • Live and on-demand webcast presentations of each report, including Q&A to your (internal) invited guests, with members of our business intelligence team.
    • Report abstracts with summary and companies tracked.
    • Data (Excel) files containing important data sets within the reports (e.g., responses by agency/marketer or large vs. mid-sized spenders).
  • Interactive Forecast Dashboard
    • Advertiser Perceptions’ proprietary U.S. ad spending forecast dashboard featuring data spanning 2019 to 2025 and sub-forecasts for areas like CTV, retail media, social media, and spending by company size.
The company said data will be updated quarterly.



Subscription prices were not disclosed.

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