Busy Week For Google Collabs With Holding Companies


The past week was a busy one for Google collaborations with holding companies, including Accenture, Stagwell and WPP. 

Accenture partnered with Google Cloud and client Best Buy to develop a generative artificial intelligence-driven customer service chatbot for the electronics retailer. 



The new chatbot assistant, due out this summer, will be able to help with things like troubleshooting product issues; rescheduling or combining order deliveries; or managing software, Geek Squad subscriptions and My Best Buy memberships. It will be available online, via a mobile app and by calling the firm’s customer service line.  

New genAI tools are also being developed for customer care agents, which will include services such as recapping conversations, detecting sentiment of interactions, and providing agents with recommendations for customers. 

Stagwell unveiled a Google Cloud partnership to develop a data clean room where clients can match their first-party data with Stagwell’s array of databases. According to Stagwell CEO Mark Penn, “this will allow clients to better understand and augment their data for improved targeting, measurement and activation.” 

The clean room is the second major project between the two entities, following a partnership to develop marketing use cases for generative AI. It was announced at the Google Cloud Next '24 conference in Las Vegas this week.

Google and WPP announced a new collaboration under which Google’s Gemini generative AI models are being integrated into WPP’s Open AI-powered marketing operating system. That arrangement was also unveiled at the Google Cloud Next confab.  

Pictured above is the main stage at the Google Cloud Next '24 conference.

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