'You Can't Light Up For 4/20 Without The Right Lighter': BIC

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BIC may have invested more in associating itself with the 4/20 celebration than any other brand.

For the past several years, BIC has partnered with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart for memorable campaigns promoting its lighters, centered around the celebrities and thinly veiled references to why it is they’re reaching for the product. Last year, the brand added country music legend, and vocal cannabis enthusiast Willie Nelson to the mix to promote its EZ Reach Lighter, and brought him back for this year’s marathon “Slow Burn Sessions,” featuring 420 minutes of video content on Bic’s YouTube channel.

CPG Insider caught up with BIC Lighters’ brand director to discuss BIC’s snowballing 4/20 campaigns and this year’s long-form approach.



This interview has been edited slightly for length and clarity.

CPG Insider: BIC has made 4/20 a key marketing moment in recent years. Why has it become so important for the brand, and what goes into finding the right approach to messaging?

Jeany Mui: The rise in importance of 4/20 to BIC Lighters’ brand marketing is directly tied to consumer sentiment and needs, as well as cultural trendspotting. As 4/20 has grown in popularity nationally, we’ve identified an opportunity to position BIC EZ Reach Lighters as the perfect celebratory accessory. You can’t light up without the right lighter, and BIC wants to be top of mind to consumers when they’re making those purchase decisions.

As for messaging, we always position ourselves as light-hearted and playful to match the energy of our consumers, and the moment.

CPG Insider: It seems your activations around the holiday have grown in recent years – right? What led to the this year’s focus on long-form content?

Mui: Correct. In recent years, we’ve ramped up 4/20 marketing efforts to reflect the growing mainstream excitement and dialogue surrounding the holiday. When developing this year’s content, we focused on authentically bringing people together, which came to life most organically in longer form. BIC EZ Reach Lighters are the perfect accessory for setting the mood and chilling with friends, so we partnered with our creative agencies, M Booth and Doner/DonerCX, to create four hours and 20 minutes of slow TV-style content for viewers to enjoy during their 4/20 celebrations.

CPG Insider: Will the brand continue to work with the celebrity partners featured in the campaign going forward? What has helped make the most of those partnerships?

Mui: Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, and Willie Nelson’s genuine enthusiasm for BIC EZ Reach Lighters has fostered this partnership to grow organically year after year. We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with such a creative trio whose interests and expertise align with our brand, which makes the partnership effortless. Stay tuned for more exciting herb-friendly campaigns to come!

CPG Insider: What can you share about BIC’s overall marketing strategy going forward?

Mui: BIC EZ Reach Lighters have always leaned into relatable life moments to drive consumer engagement and buzz – whether consumers are looking to reenergize with an aromatherapy candle or gather with friends and family around the grill. We’ll continue to listen to our consumers and pair their needs and interests with cultural trends so we can respond with creative, cheeky, and entertaining content.

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