Cannes Lions: Reddit Taps Comments To Increase Ad Performance

Reddit will put more ads in its comment section allowing redditors' comments to feed the ads.

The company announced its plans Monday at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to serve more ads within the conversations in the Reddit feed.

The new name, Conversation Ads, should benefit from new brand-safety controls, including specific machine learning (ML) tools to further improve on confidence. These ML tool debut later this year.

“People on Reddit thrive in conversations and the comment threads are where they go to dive deep," Jim Squires, Reddit executive vice president of Business Marketing and Growth, wrote in a blog post. He called it the "most contextually relevant space on our platform and a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach relevant audiences when they are actively seeking out information on a specific topic."



The updates to Conversation Ads are not only intended to drive higher performance, but also expand advertiser reach and relevance as clients can now show up in the high-intent and engaging discussions.

A Reddit Custom Survey in the U.S. fielded in August 2023 suggests that 2 in 3 redditors would purchase a product if they saw in an ad on Reddit.

“Existing and potential Lenovo customers are actively talking about our products across Reddit," Rick Corteville, executive lead for the global media center of excellence at Lenovo, told Reddit. “By letting Reddit’s dynamic optimizations automatically allocate placements across the site, we found conversation ads were the key to unlocking this engaged audience where they are ready to hear from Lenovo."

Reddit earlier this month began working with DoubleVerify to authenticate media on the platform using DV Authentic Ad -- a metric that offers advertisers an additional layer of trusted, third-party transparency into campaign delivery in a brand-suitable environment, within the intended geography.

DoubleVerify's brand safety and suitability measurement supports Reddit In-Feed and Conversation environments.

Following industry standards, DoubleVerify classifies in-feed content directly above and below ads.

For Reddit Conversation placements, an advertising format that integrates brand messages with community discussions, it classifies content directly above the ad.

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