Amazon's Plan For Building The Perfect AI-Powered Ad

Amazon Ads has developed AI-driven features to dynamically design and resize creative, but its work on advertising platform features will take it into identifying, analyzing, and optimizing different parts -- the logo, copy, and call-to-action — to build the perfect ad.

These features — intended to improve the overall ad quality and increase conversions — will correct typographical errors and translate the copy into different languages.

Aspect Ratio — a feature released during Cannes Festival of Creativity as part of an AI-powered Image Generator — addresses one of the biggest challenges advertisers face today — helping advertisers generate images for multiple placements across Sponsored Display, Posts and Stores.

“Creating effective ads is challenging and resource-intensive, causing small advertisers to stick with Sponsored Products and miss display ad opportunities,” said Jay Richman, vice president of product and technology at Amazon Ads. “Brands that invest in creative often see their ads grow stale over time.”



The ability to scale creatives so ads can serve up across multiple ad formats and screens with little effort has become one of the biggest challenges advertisers face today.

It’s well known that ad placements and products require different image dimension, adding a challenge for advertisers who don’t have the image assets in the required specifications. Automation will increase the use of Amazon Ads, especially for small businesses, many of whom do not have the time of expertise to otherwise advertise.

Advertisers would previously use Image Generator and only have the able to generate images in the 1.91:1 aspect ratio with 1200x628 resolution. They would need to use cropping tools or external applications to adjust the image’s dimensions.

Image Generator launched last fall. The Aspect Ratio capability of the feature became available in Canada and Mexico this year, and was launched in the US this week.

An early partner, Pacvue, has integrated Image Generator and has already seem the tool eliminate creative barriers, increased return on investments, reduced production costs, and faster multivariate testing for advertisers, according to Melissa Burdick, president and co-founder of Pacvue, a commerce acceleration platform.

Now a brand can use AI to generate a creative, and then use AI to customize the ad for platform from Amazon to Twitch to Whole Foods.

Amazon Ads said advertisers using Image Generator have increased campaign submissions by more than 20%, testing multiple options and optimizing ad investment by moving spend to the best-performing ones. These advertisers experienced a nearly 5% increase in sales per advertiser, demonstrating better ads can significantly drive customer demand and conversions. 

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