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  • by June 27, 2006

powerpuff17 (7:51:47 PM): Hi Emma,

psych0bunny (7:52:02 PM): hi

powerpuff17 (7:52:03 PM): It's me, Tobi

powerpuff17 (7:52:18 PM): So how old are you?

psych0bunny (7:52:25 PM): I'm 12

powerpuff17 (7:52:36 PM): When do you officially become a teenager?

psych0bunny (7:52:47 PM): 13 I think  

powerpuff17 (7:52:55 PM): I mean, your exact birthday.

psych0bunny (7:53:03 PM): April 7

psych0bunny (7:53:42 PM): yup, one more year of kids menus

powerpuff17 (7:55:35 PM): what grade are you?

psych0bunny (7:55:40 PM): Grade 6

powerpuff17 (7:58:47 PM): what apparel brands are you into?

psych0bunny (7:59:32 PM): Abercrombie, Urban Outfitters, Shanghai Tang, Puma, Louis Vuitton

powerpuff17 (7:59:50 PM): Nice! What about American Apparel? Gap?

psych0bunny (8:00:19 PM): I really like American Apparel but I think Gap is kind of tacky

powerpuff17 (8:00:27 PM): Why? I'm curious.

psych0bunny (8:00:58 PM): Well, their stuff is not very well made and kind of all looks the same

powerpuff17 (8:01:16 PM): But American Apparel is ALL primary colors!

psych0bunny (8:02:11 PM): But it is kind of more anti-fashion where as Gap is trying to hard, being to trendy etc.

powerpuff17 (8:02:45 PM): Do you watch any TV shows on a regular basis? I'm listening to One Tree Hill on the WB now.

psych0bunny (8:03:30 PM): I watch Grey's Anatomy, the office, Lost, Monk, 8th and Ocean, and The Real World

psych0bunny (8:03:40 PM): oh, and American Idol

powerpuff17 (8:06:24 PM): what are you reading these days?

psych0bunny (8:07:25 PM): Well, I just finished Summerland by Michael Chabon for pleasure but I just read A Girl Named Disaster for English

psych0bunny (8:08:00 PM): I think the school reading list is pretty juvenile

powerpuff17 (8:08:05 PM): really, how so?

psych0bunny (8:08:40 PM): Well, the books are short and don't have much depth. They are more fourth grade reading in my opinion

powerpuff17 (8:09:07 PM): well, you should say something to the teacher.

psych0bunny (8:09:38 PM): Oh well they're perfect for my teacher.

powerpuff17 (8:09:49 PM): because she's juvenile?!

powerpuff17 (8:09:58 PM): 

psych0bunny (8:10:19 PM): Her license plate says "size 4".  That's the world she lives in

powerpuff17 (8:10:25 PM): !!

powerpuff17 (8:11:30 PM): what’s your homework situation?

psych0bunny (8:12:06 PM): Well some nights I have 3 of 4 hours but I multitask by doing my homework on line with my friends

psych0bunny (8:12:24 PM): we gossip and multitask  

powerpuff17 (8:13:15 PM): gossip about each other, the teacher, boys,

psych0bunny (8:13:29 PM): ya pretty much

powerpuff17 (8:20:31 PM): got an iPod?

psych0bunny (8:20:59 PM): ya I have a blue mini and an ipod video

powerpuff17 (8:22:07 PM): do you download episodes of lost?

psych0bunny (8:22:56 PM): No I usually just watch them on TV but I download Monk and lots of Saturday Night Live episodes

powerpuff17 (8:28:33 PM): Read newspapers?

psych0bunny (8:29:05 PM): I sometimes read the NY Times on Sunday because its delivered to our house

psych0bunny (8:29:12 PM): I also read it online

powerpuff17 (8:34:43 PM): so, what do you think adults don't get about people your age?

psych0bunny (8:35:55 PM): well sometimes that school isn't really that easy and that we actually do have a lot to do.

psych0bunny (8:36:52 PM): they sometimes think that all we do is sit around and talk on the phone or IM

powerpuff17 (8:37:12 PM): i guess you really must roll your eyes a lot, huh?

psych0bunny (8:37:20 PM): lol ya

psych0bunny (8:37:37 PM): but I try not to

powerpuff17 (8:40:30 PM): do you have any regard for advertising?

psych0bunny (8:41:32 PM): Well, I think that because my mom is in advertising, I think about it more then some people.

psych0bunny (8:42:04 PM): I can sometimes think of ways to make some better or I really like some

powerpuff17 (8:43:53 PM): you're around it all the time.

psych0bunny (8:44:12 PM): ya my mom talks to me about it a lot

psych0bunny (8:45:26 PM): ya sometimes I help her out

powerpuff17 (8:45:33 PM): like how? any examples?

psych0bunny (8:46:56 PM): Well for a car commercial I told her an idea for it and she called it in and they liked it a lot. it was a car coming out of water and I said it should be a car going through a jungle looking at birds

Ed. Note: OMMA Editor Tobi Elkin interviewed Emma DeCourcy, via IM recently; screen names were changed to protect their IM identities. Emma is the daughter of Colleen DeCourcy, chief creative director, Organic. Both recently moved from Detroit to New York City.

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