Just An Online Minute... Getting Down, Friar Style, With The New VCU Brandcenter

VCU Brandcenter launch party, Friars Club New York
April 10, 2008

Swearing is so refreshing, isn't it? It doesn't even have to be hardcore - I laugh when people say crap. Swearing tells me that that you're (gasp!) human. Which is how I found Rick Boyko, VCU Brandcenter director & professor, creative. And I found him on April 10 when I headed uptown to a cocktail party hosted by VCU Brandcenter at the historic Friar's Club (which, based on my research, has hosted the likes of Kathie Lee and Big Pussy of Sopranos fame -- AND could really use a Web site redesign).

I swiveled my head panoramic-style and gulped dryly (oh, who am I kidding, I was two chardonnays deep in 10 minutes). Everyone came representing style. Chic haircuts, skinny jeans, slippery leather boots, gauzy shirts with red piping, clear pores, and freshly threaded brows. And that was just the men. I represented Ohio. I screeched when a mirror caught me and staring back was a mousy gal with a ponytail gathered by a real rubber band (like what you'd wrap around #2 pencils, not perfectly coiffed hair) and I said "Girl, if you're going to be hitting these swank joints, you have got to get yourself a makeover." The suits didn't seem to mind the arty hipsters in jeans and droopy T-shirts, and the hipsters didn't mind the gray geese guffawing in their couture and designer man-fume.

So why celebrate the renaming of VCU Adcenter to VCU Brandcenter? It's simply a case of fixing something rather than complaining. Boyko realized that "we were all bitching about bad clients" and, instead of perpetuating a vicious whine circle of inaction, he decided "it was time to train a better class of clients." He threw in the f-word multiple times, met by chortling, which means I'm not the only one who finds swearing refreshing.

The food! I tried to keep the bevvie slurping and crab cake vacuuming to a minimum, but honey, the food was delicious. A beautiful sushi table, soft and succulent pork on crispy garlic toast (I love toast!), coconut shrimp, fresh bruschetta, and tiny little poppable crab cakes jumped in between the swiftly flowing open bar.

I want to go back to school now. Based on the print materials containing ad after clever eye catching ad, these people know what they're talking about. And hey, maybe my Ohio style will fit in Richmond, Va.

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Special Note: Did you notice that this party was a couple weeks ago? It was! Keep reading though, there are some hot parties in the pipe and you won’t want to miss an online minute of it. 

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