Just An Online Minute... Shhh, there's a party in The Back Room!

Party Date: May 14, 2008

Location: The Back Room

Who thought it was a good idea to have vodka for dinner? There are some brand new holes in my brain that weren't there yesterday and I blame YOU, Jeremy Greenfield! But enough about me, let's talk about the launch party last night at the darkest bar I've been to yet. Ah, the good ole days of prohibition. Mixed drinks served in teacups, draft beers served in tall clay tumblers, and bottled beers delivered in brown bags.

Sushi lined the bar and little packets of sweetriot dark-chocolate-covered cacao -- all to celebrate the reemergence of Jeremy Greenfield, in case you were wondering where he went. Gretel Going, quite possibly my new favorite person and PR sassafras from Channel V Media, gave me the scoop. Back in the day Jeremy wore the editor sash at Min's B2B and Now he's trying to shake things up and help advertisers help themselves. And the shaking begins with some scandal finally! Mmhmm, seems that Advertising Age isn't taking too kindly to Jeremy's tagline: "Welcome to the post-advertising age." I overhead at the bar that Crain Communications forbade their employees from attending the party. But oops, some may have shown up! I kindly deleted their photos to protect their job security.

Juicy scandal aside, is designed to help advertisers help themselves. Or at least help advertisers help themselves to the three-hour open bar. Once my eyeballs blinked away the droopy dank fog of this secret tucked-away grotto (and my nose got used to the odd fratty sweat smell -- it was HUMID in there), I was able to pick out some interesting players.

A table of Story Worldwide people was very welcoming when I interrupted their conversation about how one of them fits the stereotypical profile of a school shooter. I also happily interrupted Randy Irwin, a former vice president at Sony, who is hot on the trail of expanding Story Worldwide's entertainment practice. He was jawing with Lars Hemmings Jorgensen, global chief creative officer (and sarcastic funnyguy), Story Worldwide, and Ben Deitz, serious guy and director of business development for VICE.

The highlight of the evening was when Simon Kelly, COO of Story Worldwide, made an announcement that underneath tables and chairs were tags for prizes from sponsors of the evening: V2 vodka, sweetriot (check 'em out -- socially conscious chocolate people supporting new artists? Awesome.), Lindland's Cordarounds (horizontal corduroys, what?!), and Fraunces Tavern, NYC's oldest restaurant. The finely coiffed and sparkly-shirted part-goers started crawling on the ground and upending tables all in the name of parting gifts. And would you believe that my +1 found a golden ticket? Yup, I walked out with, you guessed it, vodka.

Or, dinner.

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