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Tony Jarvis

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As proprietor and Research Architect for the Olympic Media Consultancy we serve global clients in 3 key areas: Provide expert leadership, analysis, planning and strategic thinking to optimize the value and usage of available media/marketing and data/systems information. Generate increased marketing ROI (revenue, profitability and brand equity) by providing relevant insights through designing, executing and interpreting superior advertising research. Evaluate and improve advertising and media effectiveness for agencies and their clients by understanding, developing and managing meticulous consumer research and applying "leading edge" models and concepts

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  • Q&A: MRC's George Ivie Weighs In On Duration Weighting in MediaDailyNews on 08/05/2019

    The Media Rating Council's proposed Cross-Media Audience Measurement Standards, especially its plan to implement "duration weighting" in 2021, has produced confusion and concern. George Ivie tries to set the record straight.

  • 'Reporter's' Notebook: ARF Conference, Day Two in MediaDailyNews on 04/17/2019

    JERSEY CITY, NJ -- The second day of the Advertising Research Foundation's Audience X Science Conference began with the empirically based "Rules of Marketing Effectiveness in a Digital Era," presented by Les Binet from the U.K. office of adam&eveDDB.

  • 'Reporter's' Notebook: ARF Conference, Day One in MediaDailyNews on 04/16/2019

    Advertising Research Foundation President-CEO Scott McDonald underscored importance of unified, independent, third-party measurement across each media platform.

  • 'Code Of Conduct' Needs Real Teeth in MediaDailyNews on 04/05/2019

    The ARF's new Code of Conduct uses a seal of approval to give some "self-regulatory teeth" to companies that comply, but the use and interpretation of this code requires very careful review and assessment.

  • 2019 'Erwin Ephron Award' Winner: Leslie Wood in MediaDailyNews on 03/20/2019

    Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, has been announced as the winner of the 2019 ARF Erwin Ephron Demystification Award. She joins an elite group of past winners - Bill Harvey, David Poltrack, Irwin Gotlieb, Jim Spaeth and Gian Fulgoni - that reflect the brilliance, qualities and legacy of Erwin Ephron, who passed away in October 2013.

  • My CIMM Summit Sum-Up in MediaDailyNews on 02/08/2019

    CIMM's cross-platform measurement summit Thursday reminds the industry that some of the issues are leading edge, while some are, quite frankly, old chestnuts. However, solutions for both have become ever more difficult to solve in our rapidly changing and ever more complex data and digital video worlds.

  • T-Mobile Ran 4 Ads In The Super Bowl - Why? in Television News Daily on 02/04/2019

    T-Mobile ran the ads to heavily influence various federal government departments and commissions it needs to approve the $26 billion T-Mobile/Sprint merger.

  • Steele Offers Experience, Marketing Savvy As 'Real' Republican in MediaDailyNews on 01/15/2019

    In the new world of Trumpers, who sometimes misguidedly refer to themselves as Republicans, many of whom serve in Congress, Steele's observations and candor were refreshing. The increase in the ease of consumer data access and manipulation brings out positive and negative attributes of political marketers, he noted.

  • Is Microsoft Too Big To Give A Damn? in Digital News Daily on 01/15/2019

    Could it be that Microsoft knows its customer-service processes and procedures are so dishonest and appalling (and evidently low cost) that they can simply get away with an 80% software solution?

  • ARF Evolves To Enhance Member Value in MAD on 11/26/2018

    The advertising and media research data and insights world has grown exponentially in the digital era, accompanied by hairy complexities at almost every turn.

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  • MSNBC Ascends In TV News Trust: Fox News, 'Trump' Plummet by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 08/20/2019)

    Well said David!  For the record, based on comparisons of political Manifestos from other major countries (reported by the NY Times June 30th), I would remind everyone that the Dems and virtually by association MSNBC are a little left of the median and closely positioned along the "political center of gravity" with the Liberal Democrats in the UK and the Liberals in Canada.  Of note, neither of those parties in Canada or the UK would be called "socialists".  The Republicans (are there any left in Congress?) are significantly right of the median as distinct from the Party of Trump which is unequivocally further right along with the Trump  Network which embraces neo-fascism regularly.  So merely referencing"left" versus "right" is misleading.  As researchers we always have to be careful with our terminology, positioning and interpretation but even more assiduously in the political arena.  For example the difference between (white) nationalists and patriots in the US has become stark.  Charles De Gaulle reminded us that: “Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.”  Is it the far right or the slightly left that truely understands the value of the difference for the US, for humanity and for democracy? I suggest that Dr. Rachael and her outstanding network collegaues certainly do. And if that is "biased" - "bloody marvellous" as we say over the pond.   

  • Q&A: MRC's George Ivie Weighs In On Duration Weighting by Tony Jarvis (MediaDailyNews on 08/05/2019)

    Grateful thanks to Ed & Josh and of course George Ivie.  I am planning a folllow-up piece and hope to include other POVs on this tricky and still confusing area. Based on George's answers, I do not believe that MRC intended to change the construct of audience metrics - GRPs, reach or frequency - all audience measurement based terms but apparently it is believed that MRC is proposing to do just that.  My undersatdning is that duration weights would apply to "viewable impressions", a dreadful confusing term, that are solely a proof of performance metric - was the ad/content rendered on a given screen per the media vendor specification and if not complete over time by how much.  As such, the proposed "duration weighted viewable impressions" have nothing to do with audience measurement or campaign effect per se only as a qualifyer that an ad/content was rendered and that consequently an audience impression of a specified ad/content could be legitimately counted.I tend to agree with Josh that as proposed duration weighting appears to introduce an adjustment based on a single video dimension - duration (of very very many - what about screen size!!!) concerning the quality of the potential experience of the rendered ad/content to a subsequently exposed audience.  Surely reporting that an ad/content was rendered on specific screens for the specified duration (or partial therof) should be separated as an independent POP reporting metric for the audience measurement company, media agency and media vendor.  These POP dimensions can simply be considered along with many other media & campaign attributes when evaluating traditional audience metrics (GRPs, Reach & Frequency) and the relative "value" of those metrics across media platforms when presented to advertisers as is current practice?   Stay tuned!

  • Scandalous, Contrite High-Performance Athletes Find Their Way Back To TV by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 07/11/2019)

    As an Olympian I suggest you are perhaps on tricky ground.  I suggest that unfortunately it is the "bad boys and girls" of elite sports that help drive ratings by both detractors and supporters.  While one would argue that the "worst" crimes of these "scandalous, contrite high-performance incredible athletes" are the ones that use PED's, as its Wimbledon week, who did not want to watch John McEnroe or now watch Serena Williams plus, as already proven by the audience in the stands, Nick Kyrgios whose outbursts have entertained us one way or another?  The audiences in the stadiums and on TV to the recent Women's World Cup football set all- time records with huge increases.  And yet as a former certified FA referee and in consultation with a couple of experienced US soccer coaches we concluded that the refereeing was generally appalling.  There were disallowed goals that should have stood; penalty kicks that should have never been awarded; and the most significant crime - that certain games were essentially decided by the referee on iffy calls at best, even if we were generous, extremely late in the game.  Were the losing teams in these cases cheated out of a possible decision?  Officials should always do everything possible not to essentially decide games!  This raises the eternal question from elite athletes across all sports.  Why are the officials that are responsible for egregious errors rarely vilified by commentators or the press unlike the athletes?  So, Wayne, there is another story to tell! After the Olympic gold medal drug scandal involving Ben Johnson of Canada (100m track), I shared time with a lifelong sportswriter for the British quality broadsheet press who was covering the Federal Inquiry of the Ben Johnson case in Toronto that actually gave the athletic world a performance drugs lesson.  I have never forgotten his hypothesis from this completely unacceptable but sad behaviour by a superb sprinter and his coach.  If there were an Olympics with drugs allowed and one with proper bans, which one would generate the largest audiences?  It was a rhetorical question but perhaps Media Post sports enthusiasts should weigh in on this and perhaps the Women's World Cup refereeing and the use of VAR?

  • Why Mary Meeker Kills Radio's Star by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 07/01/2019)

    Dorothy:  You are far too polite.  John: You should have gone further?  That the Bond Partners behind this report did not pick up this egregious error is shameful.  As we are aware, based on delivering the most conducive parameters radio can be a powerful medium to drive brand sales or brand equity depending on the creative.  Radio's inclusion in the campaign's media mix has virtually nothing to to do with average time spent with radio per adult per day although it likely has a great deal to do with the propinquity of the ad delivery to an optimal time of day!  

  • Duration Weighting Could Lead To Better Creative by Cory Treffiletti (Media Insider on 06/26/2019)

    Ed and John have nailed it!  However, John, "watched" infers exposure or contact (versus merely gross impressions or OTS) which are rarely reflected by media currencies at least in the US which are typically just gross impressions based.  These positions on Duration Weighting were also echoed by Nicholas Schiavone and Dorothy Higgins in their comments on earlier articles. Duration weighting has little to do with the ultimate campaign value or effectiveness and ANY attempts to link value with duration will be specious.  Hopefully the MRC Working Group on the Cross Media Audience Standards are listening??  We all certainly understand the strong desire for a simple composite media metric that ties to campaign outcomes and effectiveness (per Joe Mandese).  However, if you fully understand the foundations of the ARF "Making Better Media Decisions" model it will be clear that campaign effectiveness and ultimately sales response is well beyond the media contribution.  Yes, the 1961 ARF model was revised in 2003. Yes, its tenants still hold in the digital age of 2019.  The only duration weighting that could be considered is whether the ad rendered fully on the required screen for the entire time as specified, i.e,  an ad "completion" index.  As you see in that recommendation, nothing about audience to the medium concerned nor audience exposure, nor campaign outcomes. QED?  Albeit with kudos to Ed and John.  Now let's ensure every medium is measured at the ad (or content) exposure or contact level for the universe of people (not devices) surveyed.  It would make media comparisons so much more meaningful.  

  • Duration-Weighted Impression: Is It Worth It? by Vas Bakopoulos (MediaDailyNews on 06/20/2019)

    John:  At the agency we always checked that the content was delivered to spec as part of reporting to the client.  Not an audience measure of course.  There is another article on this subject by Joe Mandese with some great comments.  Commended to you!  Needs your further insights.

  • Duration Weighting Shouldn't Be Controversial. What We Do With It Could Well Be by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 06/24/2019)

    I believe Joe has perhaps unknowingly helped us understand the serious confusion that has been created by the term "viewable impressions" in the proposed Cross-Media Audience Measurement Standards (a device measure and not an audience or more importantly an actual exposure or "contact" measure) and their potential duration weighting, when he states his, "understanding is it's just a means of crediting how much inventory there is, not what value it has."  Really!!??As readers of this piece and the comments please read "Duration Weighted Impressions: Is it worth it?" by Vas Backopoulos in Media Post, June 20th AND the comments. suggest it may further help resolve the confusion on this matter albeit, in my opinion, neither Dorothy Higgins, Nicholas Schiavone nor Ed Papazian are confused as they see this addition on Cross-Media Audience Measurement (Video) for its impossibility as a meaningful addition to the proposed Standards as proposed.  As stated in the comments on the earlier article, "stick to the mandate of measuring exposure (or contact).  Without it there can be no effectiveness of any ad!"  BTW:  Per John Gruno, Viewable Impressions (Video) are merely a measure of "served, rendered or completed as key reporting parameters."  In traditional media such a measure is merely a "proof of media's content delivery to spec" and as such completely different from an audience gross-impression or contact metric.  Advertisers want everything tied to outcomes and response by brand and by campaign.    Of course!  The variables involved in understanding that are numerous, complex and interrelated.  Viewable impressions (and Duration Weighting) cannot be forced to get you there. Time to re-review the ARF Making Better Media Decision Model?

  • Duration-Weighted Impression: Is It Worth It? by Vas Bakopoulos (MediaDailyNews on 06/20/2019)

    When is an Impression not an Impression?Sadly this commentary reflects a fundamental but critical confusion (or flaw) in terms of the interpretation (deliberate?) of the nomenclature being supported by MRC in these proposed Cross-Media Audience Measurement Standards [sic], i.e., "viewable impressions".  This term is being consistently equated with the measurement of "gross impressions" an accepted audience measure which is driven by a respondent's proven opportunity-to-see content and NOT, as with "viewable impressions", a device measure driven by the rendering of content on a screen whether in the presence of a person or not and whether that present person is "viewing" or, as used in OOH currencies, has an "Eyes-On" or not.  Yes, its subtle but a very important value difference to advertisers.Mr. Bakapoulos even refers to, "a 15-second ad that was VIEWED.." and then, "a 30-second VIEW"!  This dimension of actual viewing is not accounted for even if the content is correctly rendered for a couple of minutes.  "Viewing" or "Eyes-On" or "contact", notably for ads, is also only loosely supported by Nielsen people meters that merely require a person's acknowledgement of "presence" near the TV every so often.  Mr. Bakapoulos' reference to "exposure time" which could be restated as "Eyes-On time" is appropriate as long as it is exposure time for the target group versus merely content rendered time albeit a fundamental pre-requirement for a proper derivation of audience gross impressions.  Duration-Weighted Impressions as proposed by MRC requires considerable more study.  As  correctly pointed out "effectiveness" results in a complex mix of marketing and media factors that go so much beyond duration. Perhaps the industry and MRC should remember that distribution is not necessarily receipt, receipt is not necessarily an audience impression and an impression may not necessarily be an actual exposure.   So, maybe the industry needs to simply stick to mandating the measurement of exposure?  Without it there can be no effectiveness of any ad. 

  • Facebook Wants D.C. Appellate Court To Toss Suit Over Cambridge Analytica by Wendy Davis (Digital News Daily on 06/06/2019)

    Wendy - great reporting.  It is this consistent slight of hand and complete disregard for consumer privacy that supports Elizabeth Warren's (and many other data cognoscenti) demands to break up Fakebook.  As a reminder the Brits have already levied maximum fines on Fakebook as well as Cambridge Analytica, for various breaches and one of their senior exrcutives was proven to have lied to a Parliamentary Committee. 

  • Nielsen Rejects Citizenship Question Before Supreme Court by Wayne Friedman (Television News Daily on 04/22/2019)

    Kevin:As an immigrant, as is everyone here who is not an American Indian, I am reminded: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free, ..."  May I respectfully remind you of the visciously punitive Executive Order by our "vile" (Steve Schmidt) "moron" (Rex Tillerson) January 25th 2017 #13,768, "Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the US" which ICE has been obliged to execute as of February 20th 2017 enforcement requirements from the Department of Homeland Security and which has brutally affected an unkown number of children some of whom may never be reunited with their parents.  While security along our borders is essential, when executed on the basis of nationalism rather than patriotism it surely demans us all?  "Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism is when hate for people other than your own comes first."  Charles de Gaulle. 

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