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Tony Jarvis

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As proprietor and Research Architect for the Olympic Media Consultancy we serve global clients in 3 key areas: Provide expert leadership, analysis, planning and strategic thinking to optimize the value and usage of available media/marketing and data/systems information. Generate increased marketing ROI (revenue, profitability and brand equity) by providing relevant insights through designing, executing and interpreting superior advertising research. Evaluate and improve advertising and media effectiveness for agencies and their clients by understanding, developing and managing meticulous consumer research and applying "leading edge" models and concepts

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  • 'Reporter's' Notebook: ARF Conference, Day Two in MediaDailyNews on 04/17/2019

    JERSEY CITY, NJ -- The second day of the Advertising Research Foundation's Audience X Science Conference began with the empirically based "Rules of Marketing Effectiveness in a Digital Era," presented by Les Binet from the U.K. office of adam&eveDDB.

  • 'Reporter's' Notebook: ARF Conference, Day One in MediaDailyNews on 04/16/2019

    Advertising Research Foundation President-CEO Scott McDonald underscored importance of unified, independent, third-party measurement across each media platform.

  • 'Code Of Conduct' Needs Real Teeth in MediaDailyNews on 04/05/2019

    The ARF's new Code of Conduct uses a seal of approval to give some "self-regulatory teeth" to companies that comply, but the use and interpretation of this code requires very careful review and assessment.

  • 2019 'Erwin Ephron Award' Winner: Leslie Wood in MediaDailyNews on 03/20/2019

    Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, has been announced as the winner of the 2019 ARF Erwin Ephron Demystification Award. She joins an elite group of past winners - Bill Harvey, David Poltrack, Irwin Gotlieb, Jim Spaeth and Gian Fulgoni - that reflect the brilliance, qualities and legacy of Erwin Ephron, who passed away in October 2013.

  • My CIMM Summit Sum-Up in MediaDailyNews on 02/08/2019

    CIMM's cross-platform measurement summit Thursday reminds the industry that some of the issues are leading edge, while some are, quite frankly, old chestnuts. However, solutions for both have become ever more difficult to solve in our rapidly changing and ever more complex data and digital video worlds.

  • T-Mobile Ran 4 Ads In The Super Bowl - Why? in Television News Daily on 02/04/2019

    T-Mobile ran the ads to heavily influence various federal government departments and commissions it needs to approve the $26 billion T-Mobile/Sprint merger.

  • Steele Offers Experience, Marketing Savvy As 'Real' Republican in MediaDailyNews on 01/15/2019

    In the new world of Trumpers, who sometimes misguidedly refer to themselves as Republicans, many of whom serve in Congress, Steele's observations and candor were refreshing. The increase in the ease of consumer data access and manipulation brings out positive and negative attributes of political marketers, he noted.

  • Is Microsoft Too Big To Give A Damn? in Digital News Daily on 01/15/2019

    Could it be that Microsoft knows its customer-service processes and procedures are so dishonest and appalling (and evidently low cost) that they can simply get away with an 80% software solution?

  • ARF Evolves To Enhance Member Value in MAD on 11/26/2018

    The advertising and media research data and insights world has grown exponentially in the digital era, accompanied by hairy complexities at almost every turn.

  • ARF's Acquisition Of CIMM Adds 'Innovation Incubator' To Its Research Role in MediaDailyNews on 10/22/2018

    This union will also help address the lag between innovative new approaches to media measurement and media's exponential digital development across platforms.

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  • Facebook Wants D.C. Appellate Court To Toss Suit Over Cambridge Analytica by Wendy Davis (Digital News Daily on 06/06/2019)

    Wendy - great reporting.  It is this consistent slight of hand and complete disregard for consumer privacy that supports Elizabeth Warren's (and many other data cognoscenti) demands to break up Fakebook.  As a reminder the Brits have already levied maximum fines on Fakebook as well as Cambridge Analytica, for various breaches and one of their senior exrcutives was proven to have lied to a Parliamentary Committee. 

  • Nielsen Rejects Citizenship Question Before Supreme Court by Wayne Friedman (Television News Daily on 04/22/2019)

    Kevin:As an immigrant, as is everyone here who is not an American Indian, I am reminded: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free, ..."  May I respectfully remind you of the visciously punitive Executive Order by our "vile" (Steve Schmidt) "moron" (Rex Tillerson) January 25th 2017 #13,768, "Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the US" which ICE has been obliged to execute as of February 20th 2017 enforcement requirements from the Department of Homeland Security and which has brutally affected an unkown number of children some of whom may never be reunited with their parents.  While security along our borders is essential, when executed on the basis of nationalism rather than patriotism it surely demans us all?  "Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism is when hate for people other than your own comes first."  Charles de Gaulle. 

  • Nielsen Rejects Citizenship Question Before Supreme Court by Wayne Friedman (Television News Daily on 04/22/2019)

    Not often I aggree with or support Nielsen but in this instance the entire industry notably the ANA, 4As, ARF, MRC, Insights Assocaition to name a few should line up strongly with Nielsen  each as a "friend of the court".  Putting aside this effort by "Trumper's" to deliberately and intentionally disenfranchise many law abiding tax payers in our community that should be provided a path to citizenship, the flaws in, and cost to advertsing, media and marketing and the entire research industry that David Keeny highlights are irrefutable. 

  • ARF Creates 'Code Of Conduct' For Consumer Researchers, Utilizes Seal Of Approval For Compliance by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 04/02/2019)

    Gabe:  As usual we have different perspectives although we agree that a Code of Conduct focussed on data privacy is long overdue after the Cambridge Analytica debacle.  Your "outstanding" comment reminds me of the Trumper's interpretation of the AG's letter "summarizing" the Mueller Report.  Suggest we wait for the full Report before passing judgment.  Just for starters, "Self-regulatory teeth" is surely an oxymoron? 

  • Advertisers Press Claims Against Facebook Over 'Potential Reach' Metrics by Wendy Davis (Digital News Daily on 03/29/2019)

    John:  Excellent reminder of how "gross impressions" can be gross gross impressions by conveniently "counting" any and all potential target group exposures (loosely defined as far as Facebook is concerned) whatever their actual geographic or residential relevance to the advertiser actually is.  As Erwin Ephron stated, it is the reach, ideally based on measured actual exposures to the target, over a specific time frame or frames that is the key media metric not impressions, especially when they are really gross, which merely drive frequency of potential exposures against the target group.  Frequency, he reminded us, " is like crab grass!"  To estimate unduplicated reach one needs a population for the target of course which typically requires geographic boundaries for the estimate. Along with all the issues often associated with social and digital media metrics - bots; viewability; known exposure; duration; etc. - your reminder regarding, "How gross are your gross impressions and what about the reach?" underlines the value of quality media research, offered via those media platforms from independent rating services. These media truly want to provide accountability and comparable metrics across all platforms to their advertisers. We rejected self measurement and metrics from media entities a long time ago.  It should not have been allowed back notably from an entity that is being investigated for privacy breaches worldwide and that has already been heavily fined for such practices. Perhaps we will be appearing in front of Judge James Donato? 

  • Advertisers Press Claims Against Facebook Over 'Potential Reach' Metrics by Wendy Davis (Digital News Daily on 03/29/2019)

    While understood by the media cognoscenti, the term "reach" may be misinterpreted in this action.  "Reach" sometimes referred to by its full description, "net reach", is unequivocally used in advertising and media to mean the unduplicated number of the target group potentially exposed to the ad message over the campaign period.  This is very different from the "gross impressions" delivered by the campaign over its timeframe which is a count of every potential exposure to the ad message including any and all multiple "impressions" by the same person, i.e., duplicated.A gross impressions count can and often does exceed the population of the target group.  Based on this report the inference is that the reach claim is specious and is in fact a gross impression count.  A significant difference .   The "reach" of a campaign cannot exceed the target group population and often falls well short of even 50% of any total target group.  Social media campaigns typically struggle with achieving any meaningful level of reach notably at the 100% viewable level for an ad now the industry standard.   Entities like Facebook also ONLY have their users as the basis of any campaign target metrics with non-users excluded.  Consequently the real total campaign target group for a campaign across its entire geography is usually significantly larger that that used by the social media channel with those not using the channel having a "reach" of zero!!  Traditional media, including newspapers and out-of-home, have long provided accredited estimates of both reach and gross impressions over time relative to the full total campaign target group for years and are still considered the bedrock media for any campaign. "Fakebook" sadly has a track record of misrepresenting established media metrics and best practices as well as providing and/or misleading advertisers with unaudited  (and possibly inflated) data.  Clear as mud?  If so let me know . 

  • White House Provides Enemies List To, Well, 'The Enemy Of The People' by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 03/26/2019)

    Paula: McCarthyism is surely already here and well established under the leadership of the "vile" (Steve Schmidt - former Republican) "moron" (Rex Tillerson- former Secreatary of State) who I suggested was the "new Mussolini" in a Media Post comment as American Nationalism (as opposed to Patriotism - so significantly different) was being reignited during 2016. Hopefully Mr. Ferguson will be severly taken to task by his students for sloughing off CNN & MSNBC's generally accurate reporting of the consistent and continual embarassing and often reprehensible behaviour of the current occupant of the Oval Office?  Perhaps those  students that have not been given an "A" in his classes should simply claim "fake"! Those that are now hiding behind the Mueller Report to give the current administration, including all those that have pleaded guilty or have been convicted, a pass on their frequent corrupt, egregious and unconstitutional behaviour as accurately reported by the quality media merely exacerbate the damage already done to a country that is becoming a pariah around the Globe. With the exception of those run by ruthless autocrats of course: Russia, North Korea, Turkey, etc. 

  • MRC Proposes 100% Viewable Cross-Media Ad Standard, Defers Duration Weighting Until 2021 by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/25/2019)

    So correct, Ed.  It appears that too many in our industry conveniently confuse "viewability", a fundamental "proof of performance" measure and to your point, with truly measured "watched" or "viewed" - a confirmation of actual expsoure by the brand's target group.  ("Contact" as used and measured by most OOH media worldwide.)  While duration (or size) will certainly effect the probaility of contact or exposure, an ad unit can only have an "impact" (a measured value or brand outcome) for the advertiser driven by many factors beyond media measurment if "viewed" or "watched" whatever the ad duration or ad size. While Joe and the Media Post Team are outstanding his use of "watched" in this report is surely misleading to say the least?  (A common error in reports on media measurement!)Agreed Jack, MRC are to be complemented on their move to 100% "viewability" as the Standard.  However, in support of Ed's position, duration weighting does not get us to where advertisers and their agencies really need to be.     

  • Did Jeff Zucker Just Option A Discarded Episode Of Aaron Sorkin's 'Newsroom?' by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 02/20/2019)

    Doug is right (or perhaps left??).  That Jeff Zucker would appoint "a known right-wing operative" is beyond appalling especially in country where the center is already significantly right of most other western democracies and where Fox is now openly referred to as Trump TV.  In a recent New York Times Op Ed Dr. Paul Krugman reminded readers that in his opinion America is an "idocracy".  With the "vile" (Steve Schmidt) "moron" (Rex Tillerson) calling The New York Times "the enemy of the people", Mr. Zucker's pandering to the right at this critical time becomes part of that "idiocracy" which is surely going to damage a brand that has made such gains with its forthright and truthful reporting.  Anyone formally reporting to Jeff Sessions should have been automatically disqualified from taking any position, notably as political editor, at the "evolving" CNN!  Maybe Mr. Sorkin should be appointed to head CNN effective immediately? 

  • T-Mobile Ran 4 Ads In The Super Bowl - Why? by Tony Jarvis (Television News Daily on 02/04/2019)

    Based on T-Mobile's bogus customer offers and the blatant dishonesty exhibited by their customer service teams, I would suggest that their Super Bowl Ad efforts were purposely covert versus overt in terms of influening the various Governement bodies involved in the proposed take-over of Sprint.  From a marketing perspective another key question evolves.  Should Taco Bell and Lyft have tied themeselves to a company that consistently handles serious customer issues so appallingly?  As T-Mobile is clearly to big to give a damn let's hope the Government denies this proposed merger.  Sprint could surely pick up a ton of customers? 

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