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Tony Jarvis

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As proprietor and Research Architect for the Olympic Media Consultancy we serve global clients in 3 key areas: Provide expert leadership, analysis, planning and strategic thinking to optimize the value and usage of available media/marketing and data/systems information. Generate increased marketing ROI (revenue, profitability and brand equity) by providing relevant insights through designing, executing and interpreting superior advertising research. Evaluate and improve advertising and media effectiveness for agencies and their clients by understanding, developing and managing meticulous consumer research and applying "leading edge" models and concepts. Tony was Chairman of CARF, Canada and is a former Board member of The ARF and MRC . An Olympian he was formerly the British Olympic Swim Team Captain. He writes Op Eds exclusively for Media Post and also offers regular pithy comments on Media Post articles. He refuses to use "Fakebook"!

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  • Who's Duping Whom? by Joe Mandese (Planning & Buying Insider on 10/26/2023)

    Marshall:  You are just trying to make real persons-based impression???

  • Who's Duping Whom? by Joe Mandese (Planning & Buying Insider on 10/26/2023)

    Joe: An intriguing announcement by Comscore and good questions.  However, you and Comscore consistently use the term "audiience".  Audience should always reflect a measurement of persons and their real exposure to content preferably at the Eyes/Ears-On level, i.e., contacts, although, albeit less relevant to advertisers, a measurement of persons-based Likelihood-to-See, LTS or minimlally Opportunity-to-See, OTS, which would also be referred to as audience.  I believe Comscore no longer has access to PPM and its assciated persons "exposed" panel.  So audience?  As yet another reminder from Ed Papazian, John Grono and myself, so called "viewable impressions" which this likely reflects are not an audience measure but merely a measure of distribution/circulation of content that renders on a surface, i.e., solely a device based measure.Reach & frequency indeed requires a meaningful relevant universe, so using a base of the major data pirates, Fakebook, Instagram and X?  As John McEnroe would say, "Are you kidding?" To plan campaigns, reach & frequency needs to be based on real persons-based measured audience across all platforms. The industry is correctly very concerned about excessive frequency.  If it is based on viewable impressions via a site rendered on a screen (rather than a real audience) that a brand target group never actually saw, per a myriad of cases using attention metrics, then no worries.  The  CPMs will be fabulous but will be absolutely meaningless.    Bottom line: We all need to insist on terms being defined along with their derivation and measurment techniques - what used to be called a Technical Appendix. The term "impressions", sadly along with "audience", have become completely nebulous and, I suggest, is at the root of excessive fraud as identified by ANA.          

  • The MRC Vs. The JIC by Ed DeNicola (MediaDailyNews on 10/24/2023)

    Ed & Ed: Terrific pieces.  The continuing deceitful use of the term JIC by the US "Multi-Currency Certification Committee", M-CCC, (and sadly the trade press) is, I believe, a deliberate attempt to use the long established values and principles of JICs globally to  undermine the critical importance and role of the MRC. As noted in previous commentaries, OMC is currently polishing a White Paper, "The 10 Cornerstones to JICs/MOCs" with help from international experts and in collabortion with another international company and renown media research specialists.  Our hope is that it will stop this charade here once and for all while helping to underline MRC's values and protect its position.  Stay tuned!

  • The Long Plan: A Conversation With Retired P&G Media Chief Gerry D'Angelo by Joe Mandese (Planning & Buying Insider on 10/11/2023)

    CPM of course stands for "Completley Positively Mad" especially, per Ed, when it is based on "viewable impressions" more appropriately called content-renderd-counts, i.e., traffic or circulation metrics rather than persons-based Eyes/Ears-On measurement or real target group exposure.  Of note and seemingly contrary to Gerry's understanding, device-based content rendered data is being independently verifiied for campaign creative proof-of-play, proof-of-posting (and proof-of-printing) as related to agency buy specifications for the thousands digital ads "correctly" rendered (or otherwise!) by one of our clients, TRACE Research Technologies, in the OOH space (digital and classic) along with other companies focussed in the digital on-line/streaming arena.  As someone that was priviledged to work with P&G when at Mediacom and to echo Ed and John Grono in OZ, that advertisers have not embraced CPM's based on at least Eyes/Ears-On, a minimum performance requirement for any medium to generate a brand outcome, is bizarre.  Per Gerry it has apparently become a race to "erehwon"!!

  • And Then There Were Three (Conditional) Ad Currencies by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 09/20/2023)

    As anyone operating in the international media research Community knows, this Multi-Currency Certification Committee is NOT a JIC and not even a true MOC - Media Owner Committee - as it flouts the majority of the well established principles, procedures, management and structural/financial cornerstones of JICs (MOCs). Is this the begining of end of MRC, which would essentially be redundent in a full, true JIC single media currency world? Hopefully not!

  • U.S. JIC Expanding From 'Currency' To Audience Measurement by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 09/20/2023)

    As anyone operating in the international media research Community knows, this Multi-Currency Certification Committee is NOT a JIC and not even a true MOC - Media Owner Committee - as it flouts the majority of the well established principles, procedures, management and structural/financial cornerstones of JICs (MOCs).  Is this the begining of end of MRC, which would essentially be redundent in a full, true JIC single media currency world?  Hopefully not! 

  • 605 Reasons There Will Be Fewer, Not More Alt Currencies by Joe Mandese (TV Watch on 09/13/2023)

    From my Media Post Op Ed March 29 2023 when this alt-currency imbroglio developed, I wrote the following:"The U.S. TV/video measurement industry has been misusing and abusing the term “JIC,” or joint industry committee, for some time.As someone who has held a wide variety of roles with various JICs, as well as on their technical committees and Boards worldwide, the record needs to be set straight so that long established expectations are met.  The current U.S. “alternative currency” measurement initiative is a multi-currency certifying committee, or a “MCCC.”  No more, no less. And that raises serious issues." Media Post and the highly esteemed Joe Mandese, continue to essentially condone the abuse of this global term with its long established core principles and parameters (which my company OMC is carefully reviewing thanks to international collaboration) is beyond puzzling.  Quite frankly its abuse is an insult to those of us who have worked so hard via a real JIC structure in producing an industry accepted single trading currency for any medium. My European colleagues who are aware of this farrago are beyond puzzled and appear to be politely laughing at the TV/Video measurement industry here.  Some like the media research  guru, Richard Marks (above), have already figured the likely outcome of all this alt-currency manoeuvring albeit Ed Papazian may have the final "answer"?  However Ed, having the Ad Sellers own the rating service and remembering the evolution of the MRC, surely that would be antitrust?  Stay tuned for a wild ride!!!  

  • From Recency To Engagement To Whatever Comes Next... by Joe Mandese (Planning & Buying Insider on 09/11/2023)

    As a career student of Erwin and ardent fan of Ed Papazian and John Grono this exchange is fascinating. Further principles that Erwin espoused were, 'propinquity' of the ad message exposure to the brand consideration/buying time frame and the overarching importance of reach versus frequency.  (Reach of the target with Eyes/Ears-On the message NOT (per Ed) based on the reach of the content rendered or so called viewable imporesions on a surface that may, or may not, be ever heard or seen!)As should be understood but is often conveniently ignored, target audience attentive reach is the key and the really tough media agency ask (the data is either not available at the exposure - Eyes/Ears-On level - or not congruent or comparable).  Developed first, reach will always be accompanied by generally adequate frequency.  Erwin did indeed espouse achieving threshold weekly target exposed audience reach but on a contiuous basis.  He also recognised that achieving this "ideal" together with an synergistic array of creative resonant messages over evolving campaigns would be out of range for many products and services.  Today's media environment & measurement bottom line?  Focussing on low CPM's and high frequency of 'viewable impressions' is a fools game for any advertiser.   Erwin is watching!

  • MRC's Ivie On Nielsen's Big Data Shift: 'We're Standing Down' by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 09/01/2023)

    Ed:  Surely with all the moves toward  "alternative currencies" for TV/video (alternative currencies being completely contrary to the well estaished values of single currency for any JIC for any medium!), the US is already in chaos? 

  • Because A Zero Is Hard To Sell by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 09/01/2023)

    Ed is spot on as always.  No persons based  "Eyes/Ears-On" (or "attention") there can be no program or ad impact or effects.    MRC's so called "viewable impressions", more correctly "content rendered counts", are a critical proof-of-play metric if and only if independently verified for every spot.  However without known exposure and viewing by the target group based on persons measurement versus merely device messures, programmers and advertisers will not have the metrics required to maximize the impact of their investment against their target universe. 

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