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Tony Jarvis

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As proprietor and Research Architect for the Olympic Media Consultancy we serve global clients in 3 key areas: Provide expert leadership, analysis, planning and strategic thinking to optimize the value and usage of available media/marketing and data/systems information. Generate increased marketing ROI (revenue, profitability and brand equity) by providing relevant insights through designing, executing and interpreting superior advertising research. Evaluate and improve advertising and media effectiveness for agencies and their clients by understanding, developing and managing meticulous consumer research and applying "leading edge" models and concepts. Tony was Chairman of CARF, Canada and is a former Board member of The ARF and MRC . An Olympian he was formerly the British Olympic Swim Team Captain. He writes Op Eds exclusively for Media Post and also offers regular pithy comments on Media Post articles. He refuses to use "Fakebook"!

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  • Olympic Light Will Shine Brightly On Inequities In Sports by Cory Treffiletti (Media Insider on 06/30/2021)

    On point although as an Olympian so many more concerns. While watching and applauding the extraordinary efforts of all Olympic competitors in Tokyo, we should  honour those who would have (almost certainly) qualified in 2020 but sadly, for for any number of legitimate reasons, did not make selection this year.  The media has a unique opportunity to identify these "missing" stars in every country in ever sport and in my opinion recognize them as honorary Olympians.   Surely this is also an opportunity for a major brand to support this initiative. 

  • The Challenge Of 'Attention' Measurement by Tony Jarvis (MediaDailyNews on 06/07/2021)

    Exactly.  However, will Mike Follett and Yan Liu agree with your/our perspective?  The ARF Media Model offers a helix to understand the stage by stage effects of an ad campaign and Communications is identified as Level 5.  Certainly not a media currency.  Nor, I believe, is "Attention", Level 4, ("seeing") due to the heavy inlfuence of the creative.  Which bring us back to Level 3, Ad Exposure to the target group or Eyes-On ("looking"), surely the most valid and valuable media metric to the sellers and the advertisers as stressed by the ARF Model. A while ago, Josh Chasin and I essentially asked, "When is an impression not an impression?  There are many considerations but one answer is crystal clear, "When it's a "viewable impression"!  Until that misguided term is replaced by "Content Rendered Counts", CRC, the fundamental confusion on the relevance and value of various media metrics will continue to proliferate.  Consequently advertisers will pay considerable sums for ads often perfectly rendered by a media vehicle that will never be exposed to their target audience . 

  • Frank Resigns As Geopath President, 'Coup By Anna' Cited by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/26/2021)

    Per my Op Ed on the OAAA "Impressions" document, it is a great leap backwards indeed -    especially versus competitive media.  Putting other media's Ad impressions delivery aside, based on OAAA audience impressions a 10x23 Poster, well away from on the other side of Interstate 95 and unlit and parallel to the road will have the same impression count as a 14x48 Bulletin very close to the right side of the same part of Interstate 95 positioned at right angles to the traffic flow and lit.  How do the sellers propose to reconcile that disconnect? 

  • Frank Resigns As Geopath President, 'Coup By Anna' Cited by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/26/2021)

    One correction and a little history.  GeoPath, under Kym Frank, significantly updated and refined the various data collection techniques in an evolving mobile digital world that underpin the reporting of the 'Eyes-On' OOH currency audience data which was established under TAB, its predecessor.  Prior to Anna Bager, the OAAA had already required TAB/GeoPath to drop the exquisitely and brilliantly termed, "Eyes-On" OOH currency  description to "OOH Ratings" which I castigated at the time!OOH Ratings were subsequently referred to as "Likelihood-to-See" at GeoPath which does not give the GeoPath methodology and the OOH sellers the complete sense of the value of its unique audience ad exposure measurement currency to advertisers and their media agencies versus other major media. If OOH returns to impressions or OTS, Opportunites-to-See, it WILL, and should, be discounted along with all the audience data for other media that merely report impressions and that need to be adjusted to exposure to the ad by the target audience medium by medium.  As the agencies and notably the OOH Specialists know, no "Eyes-On" (or Ears-On) ad exposure, no ad outcomes!  As a JIC, GeoPath is a non-profit, tri-partite organization that while funded primariiy by the sellers must be controlled by the agencies and advertisers to ensure a level playing field and to embrace unbiased best practices. This is surely yet another instance of the OOH industry shooting itself in its foot.  Actually both feet!  As a senior internationally recognised OOH executive said of the OOH industry in the US, "Its deja vu all over again!"  So, why did the media agencies allow the sellers, via OAAA, to unequivocally devalue the OOH currency and ignore ESOMAR's Global Guidelines on OOH audience measurement?  And why did they turn a blind eye to the apparent coup at GeoPath?  And in the middle of the OOH Annual Conference!!!   Advertisers should be extremely concerned.  Do these events demand an ANA investigation? 

  • OAAA Unveils New Measurement Standard Based On 'Opportunity,' Not 'Likelihood' To See Outdoor Ads by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/18/2021)

    Sory Joe but as a Canadian I have to agree overall with Mark.  However, perhaps an article on the extensive array of the various basis, uses and definitions of the term "impressions"  in the media industry is needed from you as THE industry's most experienced observer?  I guarantee you will obtain many many variations!  It would, I suggest, underline the various "abuses" and BS value of the various "impressions" metrics used in our industry.  More importantly your piece could, once and for all (?), reveal the fundamental critical importance to advertisers and their agencies of requiring MRC accredited audience exposure metrics for all content from all media, like that provided by GeoPath for OOH and interestingly PPM for radio, whether for planning, buying, selling or especially for outcomes modeling.  To that I must add, for the justifiably esteemed, Josh Chasin a plea.  Moving any media metric to the gutter of impressions and all their short comings is a really bad idea.  I fully appreciate they are a convenient, low cost, less complex, easy way out to a media metric but brand andn campaign success is at stake!  As a member of the cognoscenti in media research globally, you are aware that currently "Attention" (ARF Level 4) is being considered as the new media currency.  This is a value level ABOVE LTS (ARF Level 3) which is a value level ABOVE impressions (ARF Level 2).  QED?

  • OAAA Unveils New Measurement Standard Based On 'Opportunity,' Not 'Likelihood' To See Outdoor Ads by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/18/2021)

    Mark:  I believe you will endorse my Commentary and response to this woeful move by OAAA. And CPM?  Completely Positively Mad!

  • One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other: Vice Calls To End 'Data Discrimination' by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 05/06/2021)

    "Transmorgrification" between media and advertising targeting indeed! Apparently practitioners in media and advertising, at least in the US, have a real issue with using and worse understanding the defintions and therfore the meaning of the terms they use.  (How many definitions and interpretations of "impressions" are there in the industry???) Per John's example, part of the value of traditional media versus social digital media is that they will always deliver audiences outside of the "sweet spot" target group selected for the the brand's campaign. At least some of those "outsiders" exposed will be potential category users or probables or even brand convertibles/switchers.  Bonus!

  • Rapport Goes 'Live,' Makes Digital Out-of-Home Campaign Reporting Real-Time by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 04/29/2021)

    Ed & John:  As I understand it, John is correct.  This is what we used to call a "Proof of Performance" accountability system.  The twist for DOOH is that it reports in real time which ensures that creative changes requested of the DOOH sellers by Rapport on behalf of its clients run where and when they are specified.  It essentially provides the equivalent of the so called, "viewable impressions" for each piece of creative in every location with a time stamp.  As such it reports ads rendered but has nothing to do with the delivery of the target audience or delivery of exposure to the creative message.  If this is incorrect, I am sure Chris Olsen at Rapport will provide insights. 

  • Apple's New Privacy Settings To Roll Out Next Week by Wendy Davis (Digital News Daily on 04/20/2021)

    Advertisers and media platforms need to serve, inform and respect consumers who essentially have no place to hide when accessing the internet or their mobile devices any more.  Apple appears to understand this while "Fakebook's" position is shamefully self-serving.  Ignoring or conning consumers regarding the privacy of their data or lack therof, will indeed have a negative impact which will be on those media or advertisers that disregard the right to privacy - notably the right to "opt-in" rather than "opt-out".   A UK Parliamentary Report, February 2019, called Facebook, "digital gangsters".  Netflix's documentary, "The Social Dilemma" essentially underlined that conclusion.  Perhaps Media Post will organise a Summit in collaboration with ARF on this complex arena with the privacy approaches and ad/media ramifications of Apple versus Facebook & Google policies as the finale? 

  • CTV 'Viewability' Beats All Other Digital Video, Lags Linear TV by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 04/19/2021)

    Yes, MRC has now moved to "duration weighted viewable impressions" which compounds this anachronism; and which some of my peers find completely untenable.  They believe, as do I, that it deepens the extensive media metrics confusions regarding what is a meaningful media currency (deliberate in some cases like IAS and social media platforms!).  "Duration weighted viewable impressions" also conveniently ignores the myriad of other critical attributes of any media vehaicle beyond duration which can significantly effect exposure by the target audience to the content.  And yet unbelievably they were all ignored.  Its a long  list depending on the medium.   Ignoring any of those 'other' media platform attributes that due to their nature could especially benefit a brand's creative message was unacceptable when I was at Mediacom and to our clients.  Viewable Impressions, whether duration weighted or not, are only a benchmark regarding delivery of content to a platform and NOT a media currency!   Clearly important as an initial media qualifier (content properly rendered) but no more.  As Erwin Ephron used to say: Delivery is not necessarily receipt; reciept is not necessarily an opportunity-to-see (or hear) the media vehicle's content by a target audience; and oportunity-to-see or hear content is not necessarilty actual exposure to the content or to the ads carried.  Per the ARF Media Model Level 3, which Erwin helped author, no audience exposure or Eyes-On, no brand effects however briliant and impactful the creative and even if the content/ads are perfectly rendered to the full MRC Standard!  May I suggest that its the ANA and 4A's that should be kvetching to IAS about their deliberately misleading and inflationary report?  Hopefully this dialogue will also assist their attempts to develop a meaningful cross-media measurement, XMM, approach in collaboration with ISBA, UK, based on the WFA XMM framework.  To unscore.  That initiative is described as a "Cross-MEDIA-Measurement" approach.  Campaign Measurement, the ultimate goal identified by the WFA, encompasses an entirely different set of measurement specifications and requirements.  Consequently that should not be considered a "Cross-MEDIA measurement" as it would lean heavily on factors for which media are not, nor should be, accountable.  (Hint: Just as a start, the creative!)  

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