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Tony Jarvis

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As proprietor and Research Architect for the Olympic Media Consultancy we serve global clients in 3 key areas: Provide expert leadership, analysis, planning and strategic thinking to optimize the value and usage of available media/marketing and data/systems information. Generate increased marketing ROI (revenue, profitability and brand equity) by providing relevant insights through designing, executing and interpreting superior advertising research. Evaluate and improve advertising and media effectiveness for agencies and their clients by understanding, developing and managing meticulous consumer research and applying "leading edge" models and concepts. Tony was Chairman of CARF, Canada and is a former Board member of The ARF and MRC . An Olympian he was formerly the British Olympic Swim Team Captain. He writes Op Eds exclusively for Media Post and also offers regular pithy comments on Media Post articles. He refuses to use "Fakebook"!

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  • Is Facebook Similar To The Big 3 TV Networks In The 1960s? by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 06/30/2020)

    Why any advertiser would want to include a communications "sewer" (Joe Scarborough,  MSNBC) or "cesspit", as FB has been described, in its media plan is beyond me.  This is especially when any great media planner can always plan around any media platform or vehicle and deliver the same overall media metrics or even better for the brands it serves.  I experienced this expertise often at the media agencies I worked at.  To Jack's point, if you want to invest in a media gorilla, TV as well as other traditional major media work superbly well and deliver based on reliable MRC accredited syndicated data/metrics generated by third party research companies and not by the media itself.  To truly resolve the ongoing shameful behaviours of FB, two "interventions" must be followed.  1. Congress needs to eliminate Section 230 of the Communications Decent Act which provides immmunity to digital social media such that they will be obliged to become REAL publishers and follow the existing content regulations that all other major media come under.  2. Consumers need to completely unsubscribe (apparently not that easy?) to this toxic pariah.  After all they are the FB "bloodstream" and without the bloodstream ....!  There are so many terrific alternatives to what FB seemingly provides but without the many risks across so many dimensions to subscribers.  For those consumers unwilling to do so, perhaps they should consider the now $billions (?) FB has paid in fines worldwide for abuse of their data and their privacy?  

  • MRC Asked To Audit Facebook Policies, Brand Safety Controls by Gavin O'Malley (Digital News Daily on 06/30/2020)

    On the one hand this MRC initiative could be applauded.  However on the other hand, is this too little too late and too dangerous for MRC especially when Facebook is a member of MRC!!!?  Fakebook and Mark Zuckerberg have built a consistent track record of delay, obfuscation, interminable delays and minimal policy decisions to ensure they still reap in the $billions to their communications "sewer" (per Joe Scarborough).  MRC must be reminded that a UK Parliamentary Committee report called FB "digital gangsters".  MZ was ultimately a no show to this Commitee therby delaying their final report by close to 6 months.   And remember Cambridge Analytica?, and only when, Facebook is removed as an MRC member should MRC even consider  this project.  And then it should immediatley reject "helping" this toxic pariah.  George:  Don't be played by FB like they have done with so many other terrific organisations.  If you follow this advice I suggest you will be in the best of company.  MRC's many advertiser members will be applauding!  And, some current non-members from all over the ad and media industry will be enthusiastically joining MRC.  Next? 

  • Gnats On An Elephant's Back by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 06/28/2020)

    Insightful as always. Although the mom & pop operations may not be aware of sophisticated media planning principles and metrics, every media planner I ever worked with, and there were many, was always proud to advise me that based on using "proper"  media metrics and models, they could plan around any media platform and certainly around any media vehicle and deliver equivalent and often even better media metrics for their  advertiser client.  As noted in another comment on Media Post, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 47 U.S.C. § 230 that provides immunity to social media companies on the internet must be eliminated by Congress and these companies must be required to act as fully responsible publishers based on the same regulations applied to main stream media. 

  • Facebook Modifies Content Policies by Gavin O'Malley (Digital News Daily on 06/26/2020)

    As he has surely proven consistently, Mr. Zuckerberg is the greatest con man the world has ever seen based on his reported $85 Billion net worth overseeing a communications sewer with FB correctly described as "digital gangsters" by a UK Parliamentary Committee, February 2019.  Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 47 U.S.C. § 230 that provides immunity to social media companies on the internet must be eliminated by Congress and these companies must be required to act as fully responsible publishers based on the same regulations applied to main stream media.

  • Zuckerberg And Facebook Team Concede 'Trust Deficit,' Reach Out To Advertisers by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 06/25/2020)

    Correct Ken. It appears I put the cart before the horse with due apologies.  Barry did indeed state, "we are recommending our clients pullback gradually" and "our long term intention should be to remove them (FB) from our plans" and not, as suggested, to immediately stop using FB.However, having worked with some outstanding planners in my career, removal of FB from a media plan would, as suggested, not be that difficult and would not hurt that plan one bit.  The alternative media investments recommended within the overall plan would most likely improve it on many key performance dimensions!  So is this not an opportunity for Media Kitchen to lead the way in media planning innovations without FB?Barry also opined that, "clients would go elsewhere" if Media Kitchen refused to include FB.  If that is really true, does Media Kitchen really want to have clients that are willing to support a completely irresponsible communications sewer run by "digital gangsters" and as importantly take the potential brutal risks FB's use opens up to brands even with the utmost diligence on adjacencies, etc.?  The overall FB environment is now toxic.  Based on Verizon - just announced - and the other major advertisers mentioned in this article that are boycotting FB, immediately ceasing FB's use could be the best new business pitch for Media Kitchen yet?  Barry: I am not sure you can have your cake and eat it too, it as we Brits say.  Respectfully  I suggest it would not be "hypocritical" if you told your clients to stop advertsing on FB or at the very least recommended they significantly reduce their reliance on Fakebook much faster than "gradually" or "long term". 

  • Zuckerberg And Facebook Team Concede 'Trust Deficit,' Reach Out To Advertisers by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 06/25/2020)

    Roxanne:  Huge apologies.  Not meant in any way as a slam but as an FYI.  Perhaps my British background and sense of humour.   Like you hate the internet trolls.  The sewer reference was strictly to Fakebook and difficuly of navigating out of it with, or without, shoes!  Marvellous that you deleted your FB over 2 years.  Well played.  I was never ever on Fakebook nor will  be, ever.  Forgive me.  Cheers 

  • Zuckerberg And Facebook Team Concede 'Trust Deficit,' Reach Out To Advertisers by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 06/25/2020)

    Praise indeed.  Delighted that you will be deleting your Fakebook account?   It is still on your Media Post Member page!  Have never been on Fakebook as quite frankly I feared many of the now proven dangers from the outset.  (LinkedIn has worked very well for me notably for business contacts and identifying opportunites.)  Apparently Fakebook makes deletion really difficult so special diligence and research needed plus maybe shoes for the sewer rather than Bare Feet?? 

  • Zuckerberg And Facebook Team Concede 'Trust Deficit,' Reach Out To Advertisers by Karlene Lukovitz (Digital News Daily on 06/25/2020)

    Fakebook has been correctly called a communications sewer by Joe Scarborough along similar descriptions from many other high profile commentators; described as "digital gangsters" in a formal UK Parliamentary Commitee report; and paid $millions, now likely $billions in fines for unrepentant data abuses, etc., etc.  It will take too long for Congress to remove Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which provides such digital social media, so called publishers, immunity.  So what do the industry and consumers need to do to bring the "$85 billion man" to his knees?  As urged by Barry Lowenthal, CEO, Media Kitchen, in Media Post Advertisers and their agencies should  immediately stop using Fakebook without, I suggest, any gradual withdrawal; consumers should completely remove their subscriptions; and  we should all stop using any Fakebook products or services.  Consumers should also boycott advertisers using Fakebook!  Kudos to those advertisers that have already stopped using Fakebook.  It will not hurt your media plans a bit.  As experienced media experts know and understand, there are many better media platforms and vehicles that can deliver superior metrics to your brand targets in far superior AND safer environments for greater impact than Fakebook!  How much longer are we going to allow this massive juggernaught to help facilitate the destruction of our democracy, fundamental common decency and basic ethics?  Fakebook and its peer social internet services ARE publishers and shoud be held to the same publishing standards.  Period. 

  • Why Facebook Needs To Be Treated Like A Foreign Adversary by Barry Lowenthal (Marketing Politics Weekly on 06/19/2020)

    Amen.Fakebook not even a decent media buy.  So many more impactful cost effective alternatives that deliver better numbers all around.  (Happy to advise.)  The UK called Fakebook, "digital gangsters" in an official Parliamentary Committee report February 2019.  Genghis Khan II, aka Mark Zuckerberg, refused to attend the Committees enquiry meetings.

  • Nielsen Finally Receives Accreditation For Demo Data In Many Local Markets, Sort Of by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 06/23/2020)

    Exactly!  Sadly,  TV measurement in the US remains in the dark ages. Perhaps "we" should invite BARB in the UK to take over?  Joint Industry Committess - JICs that manage audience measurement across most major media platforms in many countries around the World while also admittedly frustrating work much better, produce higher quality data and cost less than the misguided US approach.  Nielsen actually earns some of the JIC contracts but to the specifications required.   I hear antitrust concerns in establishing JICs in the US?  Tosh!  Never was a real issue. Just fake news as confirmed at an ARF Conference on the subject many years ago. Opportunity for CIMM in collaboration with ANA, NAB and 4As??

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