• How Are Fashionistas Surviving Pandemic? Stealth Luxury, Plenty Of Streetwear
    One big trend: "stealth luxury" items, which look expensive without a screaming-loud logo.
  • Lunya Urges Women To Vote In Bed
    The D2C brand's new "Vote in Bed" campaign promotes absentee voting from the comfiest spot in the house.
  • Untuckit Spoofs Founder With 'Mean Tweets' Spin
    Ads mean to show "that even though we are weirdly serious about getting shirts to fit, we do have a sense of humor."
  • 1-800-Contacts Adds Tech For More Personalization
    Company can now isolate microsegments as small as "Longtime contact wearer who has never purchased online, but has been to the site three times."
  • Ancestry's Breakthrough Changes DNA Game
    New risk-detection test offers information about what to do if users are at risk for certain cancers or heart disease.