• With Freestyle, Stitch Fix Aims To Disrupt Fashion - Again
    The Stitch Fix Freestyle, an evolution in its technology platform, allows anyone to shop in their own personal store. People can buy items directly from the company for the first time without ordering a "Fix" first.
  • ClassPass Expands Under The Self-Care Umbrella
    "With so much focus on mental health, stress and anxiety, people have begun to view our offers -- including fitness --as self-care," says company.
  • Money-Losing Allbirds Plans To Win With Stores
    "We have incurred significant net losses since inception," Allbirds warns potential investors in its filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.
  • New Headspace Campaign Targets The Delta Blues
    Campaign "was inspired by our members' stories about how meditation has changed their lives and outlook on everything," says company CMO.
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