Daily Online Examiner Editions for September 2015
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015
Is Ad Blocking Fueled By Marketers' 'Race To The Bottom?'
Ad-Serving Company Adzerk Rolls Out Privacy Tool For Publishers
Sprint Hikes Price Of Unlimited Data
Advertising Industry Faces Its Napster Moment
Google Reduces First Click Free From Five To Three
Half Of Images On Pedo Sites Stolen From Social Media
Effective Political Email Marketing May Violate Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation
Official Who Refused To OK Cell Phone Unlocking Retires
Supporters Say Dorsey Can Square, Twitter
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2015
Backpage Similar To 'Silk Road,' Victims Tell Court
Apple Touts Privacy Practices
Details Of Google Customer Match And Your Gmail Address
IAB To Offer Publishers New Tools Against Ad Blockers
Net Neutrality Battle Raises Questions About Companies' Free Speech Rights
Native Needs Fixing, Fast - Or Ad Blockers Will Prevail
For Marketers, Big Data Lacks Adequate Analytics
Yahoo's Mayer Says, Make Better Ads And Blockers Will Go Away
Tinder Wants STD Billboard Removed
Reputable Publishers Distance Themselves From Bot Traffic
Public Consultation Due On 'Junk Food' Advertising To Children
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Sept. 28, 2015
FTC's Julie Brill Tells Ad Tech Companies To Improve Privacy Protections
Marketer Sued By FTC For Trying To Suppress Bad Reviews
Nielsen Creates APIs For National, Local TV Services
Facebook Rebrands 'Internet.org' As 'Free Basics By Facebook'
DOJ: Megaupload Founder Paid $3 Million To Movie Uploaders
'Politico' Plans Aggressive Expansion
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Sept. 25, 2015
Trump Threatens Cybersquatting Suit Against 'Donald Is Dumb' T-Shirt Vendor
Cox Seeks Dismissal Of Piracy Lawsuit
Jimmy Kimmel Prevails Against 'Flying Rabbi'
Google, Facebook, Amazon Outages Reflect Uncertainty In The Cloud
Comcast's $50 Million Antitrust Settlement Gains Approval
Taylor Swift Demands Periscope Take Down Live Concert Streams
Digging Deep Into Fake Ad Views By Bots
How Should News Media Deal With Violent Images
FBI Issues Warnings About Spam Emails Targeting Businesses
Ad Blocking Is Destroying The Internet -- And That Might Be Just What It Needs
Will Android Force Google Into Fresh U.S. Antitrust Suit?
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015
Yelp, Twitter, And Others Urge Court To Uphold Net Neutrality Rules
Unruly's Deep Probes: How Do You Feel About That Online Ad?
TAG Taps Rachel Thomas To Oversee Compliance
Ad Fraud Stance Is Great - But Have Media Agencies Done Enough To Stop Brands Going Solo?
The Ad-Blocking War Will Leave Us Stronger
AT&T's 1 GB Service Arrives In San Antonio
Obama Administration Explores Strategies To Break Encryption
Nativo Guarantees Human Impressions
The Ugly World Of Click Fraud
Netflix Keeps Track Of How You Get Hooked
Gmail Now Lets Users Block Specific Email Addresses
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015
North Carolina, Tennessee Battle FCC Over Muni-Broadband Networks
The Sad State Of Mobile Advertising (I'm Crying On The Inside)
GroupM Demands Ad Nets Enforce Anti-Piracy
It's Always Premiere Week On Your Browser
Yelp Reviewer Who Blasted Business Owner Must Pay $1,000
Jeb Bush Vows Net Neutrality Repeal
Facebook Being Sued For Alleged Privacy Breaches In Belgium
Google Charges Video Views Even When Identified As A Robot, Study Finds
The State Department's Story Conflicts With Hillary's Story in Email Scandal
Google Wants Community Feedback On How To Support Hacked Sites
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015
FCC Questions Charter, Time Warner About Online Competitors
White House: Broadband Is 'Core Utility'
Appeals Court Sides With Pay-Per-Click Marketers Against Google
Popcorn Time Users Sued For Streaming 'Dallas Buyers Club'
Flooding Google With Fake Takedown Requests
Millennials Dislike In-App Advertising But Consider Re-Targeting As Relevant
Sometimes I Want To Be An Ostrich
Finding Content Key To Cooling Cord-Cutting
Book Review: Shareology - How Sharing Is Powering The Human Economy
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Sept. 21, 2015
Silicon Valley Urges Court To Uphold Net Neutrality Rules
LinkedIn Data-Breach Settlement Gains Approval
Tennessee: FCC Violated States' Rights By Nixing Muni-Broadband Restrictions
Google Loses Appeal Over 'Right To Be Forgotten' Expansion
AT&T Sues Three Ex-Employees Over Phone Unlocking 'Malware'
ThinkPolitical Primes Location Targeting For Political Marketers
IAB's Rothenberg On Ad Blocking: 'The Sky Hasn't Fallen'
Fitness Trackers Linked to Setting Insurance Market Rates
Facebook To Switch On Targeting Based On Article Likes And Shares
Google Research Paper Suggests Sharing ISP Network Data
UPDATED: Altruism And Ad Blocking
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Sept. 18, 2015
Developer Pulls Plug On Top-Selling Ad-Blocker
Backpage Wants Appeals Court To Block Sheriff's Lobbying Campaign
How Google Will Know You Better Than You Know Yourself
Cox Sues City Over Regs Favoring Google Fiber
Google Takes Harsher Action On Repeat Webmaster Guideline Offenders
Yelp Adds Active Cleanup Alerts
Brands Seen Needing to Fight for Security Around IoT at Retail
The Booming Mobile Ad-Blocker Business
The Inevitability Of Ad Blocking For Apps
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015
Apple Wants Supreme Court To Overturn E-Book Price-Fixing Verdict
Google Sues Search Engine Marketing Firm For False Advertising
Comcast Hikes Prices
Trick People Into Watching Ads: Fewer, Better, Relevant
Appellate Court Takes Up FilmOn's Request For Cable License
What Is The True Cost Of Ad Blockers?
Annoying Ads Will Be The Death Of Publishers
Cord-Cutting Grows, But Not Big Threat To Nets
Google Accuses Congress of Creating Distractions to Avoid Updating Email Privacy Law
Email Scandal is Leading the Clinton Conversation in The Minds of Voters
Data Security from Phones, Devices Still an Issue
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