Daily Online Examiner Editions for February 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Feb. 29, 2016
Apple Defends iPhone Encryption To Congress
Broadband Providers Lack 'Comprehensive View' Of Consumers' Web Activity, Report Says
FCC Investigates Whether Cable Companies Thwart Online Video
Microsoft Ads Stir Apple Rivalry With Voice Search, Facial Recognition
YouTube Aims To Improve Copyright Violation Detection
Fake Listings Still Plague Search Results
Can Smartphones Swing The Primaries?
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Feb. 26, 2016
AT&T Sues To Block Google Fiber In Kentucky
Sanders And Other Senators Raise Concerns About Charter Merger
The FBiOS Affair: Why Advertisers Should Care
Online Publishers Group Wants ISPs To Honor Do-Not-Track Requests
Acceptable Ads Explained By AdBlock Plus
Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Exits
Verify The Responsible -- Ban The Blockers
Hmmm. Amazon Debuts An Ad-Supported Program
Net Neutrality Order Celebrates First Anniversary
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016
Apple Says iPhone Back Door 'Too Dangerous To Build'
Facebook Urges Judge To Throw Out 'Faceprint' Lawsuit
New Jersey Regulators Approve Charter-Time Warner Merger
Google Technology Begins To Identify Location In Images
New York Times On Both Sides Of Ad-Blocking Debate
Microsoft To Back Apple In Court Against FBI
Facebook And Amazon Raise Concerns About Consumer Data At Mobile World Congress
Social Networks Take On Terrorism
Facebook Addiction Resembles Drug Dependency
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016
Apple Now Draws More Public Support Than FBI, New Poll Finds
A New Battle Forms Over Wireless Ad Blocking
Data Democracy -- Co-Ops Help Everyone Target Like Google And Facebook
Watchdog Faults Shark Over Use Of Amazon Review In Ad
Sony Hackers Responsible For Numerous Attacks
For Women, Minorities, Online Is Like Old Media
Pennsylvania Regulators Investigate Verizon's DSL Upkeep
Outnumbered: Adblock Plus Exec Seeks To Set The Record Straight
The New York Times May Ban Visitors Who Use Ad Blockers
Apple Defense: Code Is Speech
AG Won't Share Much About How Clinton Will Be Prosecuted
Google Paid-Search Ads Cost Per Click Rising
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016
FBI Should Drop Demand That Apple Crack iPhone, Lawmaker Says
The Face Of Disruption
Appeals Court Upholds New Requirements For Out-Of-State Web Retailers In Colorado
Asus Settles FTC Charges Over Security Flaw In Routers
Conservatives Accuse Twitter of Censorship
Managing Bots And The 'Creep Factor': Xaxis COO On Creating Smarter Ads
Phoenix Suns Gives Free Mobile Data From Verizon To Ticket Purchasers
Federal Judge to Take a Close Look at Clinton's Email Scandal
Execs Analyze Ad Fraud Issues
More Online Ad Campaigns Using TV Data For Targeting, Says Videology
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Feb. 22, 2016
Apple Facing Uphill Public Relations Battle Against FBI
Google To Use City-Owned Network To Bring Fiber To Huntsville
Verizon Says 5GB Spectrum Will Enable Gigabit Wireless Broadband
Facebook Launches Telecom Infra Project To Reimagine Tech Future
300,000 Sign Petition Opposing Charter Merger With TWC And Bright House
Can Publishers Survive Ad-Blocking Boom?
Car Cyber Hacking On The Rise
Email Privacy Act Goes to the House in March
If Netflix Is No. 1 U.S. TV Network -- And It Doesn't Sell Ads -- Should You Care?
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Feb. 19, 2016
Tech Companies, Online Security Experts, Democratic Lawmakers Back Apple Against FBI
Judge Approves LinkedIn's $13 Million Settlement Over Email Invites
Texas Couple Sued By Petsitting Service Over Yelp Review
Verizon Revamps Controversial Custom TV
Three To Block Mobile Advertising
Ad Blocking And Tackling: What 2015's Ad Blocking Means for 2016's Marketing
Google Moves Billions Of Dollars To Bermuda
Twitter Ban Deals Setback To ISIS Propaganda Campaign
Can Carriers Make Advertisers Pay Data Charges?
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016
FCC Moves Forward With Google-Backed Plan To Unlock The Cable Box
Google CEO Voices Support For Apple Against FBI
Uber Ordered To Control Google Search Results
Apple Vs. The FBI
Court Won't Revisit Facebook's 'Sponsored Stories' Settlement
Twitter Fixes Security Glitch
Future Of Digital Marketing Supply Chain: Serving Consumers & Marketers, NOT Intermediaries
Campaigns Utilize Targeted Data In New Ways To Reach Key Voters
ESPN Headed For Amazon-Like Service, With Strings
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016
Senators Raise Concerns About Charter Merger
Apple Fighting Order To Help Unlock Shooter's iPhone
FilmOn Loses Bid To Nix Contempt Ruling
Wearable Fitness Trackers And The Trust Factor
Louisville Lawmakers Pave Way For Google Fiber
EFF Backs Apple In iPhone Encryption Fight
Google Collects Student Data, But Not For Ad Targeting
Cablevision To Live Stream CBS Programs
Where Are All Those New Online TV Services?
Yahoo Losing Core Users On Key Properties
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016
FCC Set-Top-Box Plan Creates 'Gaping Hole In Consumer Privacy,' Cable Industry Says
Fox And 'Bergen Record' Settle Copyright Battle Over 9/11 Photo
American Airlines Sues Gogo Over Slow WiFi
Kanye West's New Album Popular With Pirates
Spotlight Cinema Bows Audio Recognition
Security Issues Found In Smart Buildings
Project Loon Begins Carrier Testing
If You're An Ad Blocker, You May Be More Attractive To Advertisers
How Call Intelligence Can Fuel Programmatic Buying
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