Daily Online Examiner Editions for February 2017
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017
Senate Democrats Urge FCC To Preserve Broadband Privacy Rules
Judge Sides Against Google In 'Faceprint' Battle
PayPal Sued Over Charitable Donation Tool
Connected Toy Company Suffers Data Breach
Publishers Flout FTC Rules On Native Disclosures
Amazon Web Services Outage Cripples Internet
Google Says It Solves Gmail Phishing Scam
Businesses Call For EU Rules To Be Maintained
O2 Considers Ad-Blocking Option If Users Feel 'Plagued By Advertising'
Trump Rules Out Media Sources, Promises To 'Do Something' About Press
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Feb. 27, 2017
Privacy Advocates Slam Pai For Weakening Online Security
Mobile User Wants Appellate Court To Revive Robo-Texting Fight With Facebook
States Consider Banning Self-Driving Cars Operated By Silicon Valley
Higher IoT Speeds Coming To 11 Cities
FCC Not Expected To Review AT&T, Time Warner Deal
Advertising On Streaming TV Devices Is About To Get More Targeted
NYC Warns Pols On Official Accounts
Is GDPR Stopping Email Marketers From Using Third-Party Data?
44% Concerned About Personal Info Theft Through Their Connected Devices
Google's End-To-End Encrypted Email Code Goes Open-Source
Has Ad Blocking Lost Its Shine? Let's Hope So
ICO Says Free Data Movement Post-Brexit Is Vital
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Feb. 24, 2017
Montana May Regulate 'Faceprints'
FCC To Block Portion Of Broadband Privacy Rules
German Officials Tell Parents To Destroy Connected Toy
Trump Threatens To 'Do Something' About The Media, Bars Major Outlets From Press Briefing
Tech Titans Slight Trump For Transgender Snub
Google Uncovers, Assists In Plugging Massive Cloud Data Leak
Email Failure Leads to Google-Uber Suit: Report
President Trump Urges FBI To Find Leakers Via Twitter
2016 Brought Big Increase In Hate Speech On Social Media
Dennis Publishing Tailored Ad-Blocker Messages Are Working
The Walls Have Ears
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017
FCC Chips Away At Net Neutrality, Exempts 'Small' ISPs From Disclosure Rules
Judge Blocks California Online Censorship Law
Ad Blocking Steadies, But Publishers Must Stay Strong
Warner Bros Settles With Talent Agency Over Leaked DVD Screeners
Diversity Tweaks Paid Search
UPS Delivers Package By Drone Flown From Truck
Amazon Fights Police Demand For Echo Data
Social Media Behind Rising Stress Levels, Say Shrinks
Many Consumers OK With Monitoring By Beacons In Stores
Facebook Seeks Stronger Media Ties
The Case For Ditching Social Media
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017
'Gag Clauses' Illegal, FTC Reminds Marketers
Facebook Seeks To Appeal Robo-Texting Decision
Web Publishers Increasingly Adopt Encryption
Self-Driving Cars Hardly Just Around The Corner, Says Boston Future Of Transportation Panel
Facebook Donates $62,500 In Cash To CPAC
Report: 20% of All Spam Contained Ransomware in Q4 2016
The Return Of The Attack Of The Bad Ads
Google To Phase Out Site Search
Google Agrees To MRC Third-Party Audit For YouTube
People Hate Selfies, Take Selfies
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017
Silicon Valley Bashes DHS Proposal To Require Social Media Log-Ins
Supreme Court Urged To Stay Out Of Copyright Battle Over 'Golden Oldies'
Google Patent On Location Labels Uses Unique Data To Pinpoint Position
FTC Investigates Location Tracking By Car Financing Outfit
Trump Wants To Check Chinese Travelers' Social Media
Data Breaches Force Yahoo To Amend Verizon Deal By $350 Million
Reddit Is Being Manipulated By Big Financial Services Companies
Google Agrees To YouTube Metrics Audit
Apple Buys Another Facial Recognition Tech Maker
Email Study Uncovers Dangerous Files And Spam
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Feb. 20, 2017
AT&T: Time Warner Merger Will Benefit Consumers
Facebook Wins Battle Over Text Alerts
New Zealand Appeals Court Orders Megaupload Founder Extradited To U.S.
Ignite Search Tool Identifies Average-Joe Influencers For Brands
PewDiePie Dust-Up Shows Risks Brands Take To Tap Into Social Media
Search Engines To Demote Pirate Sites
Deleting Yahoo Accounts Is Harder Than You Would Think
Newspaper Threatens Libel Suit Over 'Fake News' Insult
Second Owners Of Smart Devices May Inherit Security Risks
Notes From The Front
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017
Libraries, Law Professors Back ReDigi In Fight Over 'Used' Music
Father Who Live Streamed Son's Birth Loses Copyright Battle
Subway Recooks Cookie Notifications
Cox Ordered To Pay $8 Million To BMG For Legal Fees
Social Media Impersonation Exploding, With Brands In The Crosshairs
Google Tracking Would Allow Personalized Dress Creation
Clinton Campaign Staff Tested With Fake Phishing
See You Again Soon, Embattled PewDiePie Tweets
Mobile Location-Based Video Ads Positioned For Growth In 2017
Despite Trump's Scoldings, Newspapers See Strong Results
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017
GOP Senator Preps Resolution To Revoke Broadband Privacy Rules
Evidon Sells Ghostery To Mozilla-Backed German Browser Developer
Republicans Seek Probe Of EPA's Encrypted Messaging
Hackers Accessed Some Yahoo Accounts Without Passwords
GDPR Disconnect: 1 In 3 Know They Are Headed For Huge Fines -- Where's The Action?
EU's Data Privacy Rules Could Limit AI Profiing
Mobile Slowing Ad-Blocker Use Among Millennials
Tech Industry Needs To Improve Email Security, Says Mimecast
Verizon Close To Yahoo Steal
State Moves To Outlaw Putting Chips In People
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017
T-Mobile Counters Verizon, Boosts 'Unlimited' Data
Judge Sides With Warriors In Battle Over 'Eavesdropping' App
New 'Fingerprinting' Technique Can Track People Across Browsers
Ad Hoc 'Trust' Group Wants To Be Neutral Ground, Will Use UN As Its Venue
AT&T Expands Gigabit Service
University Attacked By Its Vending Machines, Other IoT Devices
Trump's Security Talk With Abe Documented On Facebook
YouTube, Maker Pull Away From PewDiePie, Cite Anti-Semitic Content
Maybe Facebook And News Don't Mesh
Microsoft President Pushes Global Cyber-Security
Quarter Of Marketers Not Ready For GDPR
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