Digital News Daily Editions for June 2019
Digital News Daily - Friday, June 28, 2019
Ad Industry Presses FTC To Endorse Nationwide Privacy Rules
Hulu Live's Crash During Dem Debate Infuriates Subscribers
After Heat For Objectionable Videos, YouTube Lets Users Control Recommendations
IAB Lab Launches Data 'Nutrition' Labeling Program
Twitter To Hide Rules-Violating Tweets From Public Figures
U.S. Ad-Supported VOD Revenue To Outpace China's By 2023
Amazon's Now Offers Free Competitive Insights
Reddit 'Quarantines' Pro-Trump Forum, Citing Violence. Move Stirs Censorship Debate
Supreme Court Won't Allow Citizenship Question On Census -- For Now
Presidential Advertising For 2020 Estimated To Hit As High As $10 Billion
You Were Right, Walt Mossberg: The Cookie Did Not Improve Online Advertising
Google, University Of Chicago Sued Over Data Sharing
'Forbes' Names Most Influential CMOs
Digital News Daily - Thursday, June 27, 2019
Gen Z-ers Are Less Brand-Loyal, Less Politically Engaged
FuboTV Launches Free Ad-Supported Streaming Network
Facebook To Include Ads On Instagram Explore
Maine Passes Net Neutrality Law
Philo Adds Apps For Android, Amazon Fire Tablets
Tech Companies Say They Can't Be Sued Over Istanbul Attack
Connected TV's Ad Gains Are Mobile's Loss
Roku Commands 15% Of All Media Streaming Devices
43% Plan To Purchase A Smart Home Device This Year: Study
2020 Political Spending To Hit $6 Billion, Digital Will Be Biggest Gainer
With Nearly 500 Scripted Shows, Who Has The Time To Watch?
Digital News Daily - Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Facebook Hangs Tough, For Now
Netflix Losing Key Exec to Disney+, 'The Office' To NBCU
Facebook Includes 'Transparency' Updates For Social, Political Ads
Mediaocean Integrates SpotX Into TV Buying Platform, Extends Cross-Platform Access
FTC Urged To Investigate Discrimination Based On Data
Lawmaker, Children's Advocates Push For Privacy Overhaul On YouTube
Ad Execs Assume Large Shares Of Ad Fraud, Even If They Can't Measure It
Ad Execs Struggle To Harmonize Disparate Targeting Data, Default To 1st-Party
Next Google Chrome Browser Version To Increase Data Protection
NY State Privacy Bill, Called Tougher Than California's, Still Needs Sponsor
Digital News Daily - Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Legislation Would Force Google, Facebook To Report Value Of Customer Data To SEC
Viacom, Tyler Perry To Launch BET+ Subscription Streaming Service
Facebook Promotes Independent Oversight Body For Content Policy
Youthful Uniqlo Makes A Natural Tie-in With TikTok
Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal Over 'Used' iTunes Tracks
Facebook Can't Shake Lawsuit Over Data Breach
A Cross-Channel Programmatic Bidding Option With Viewability, Fraud Predictions
Why Facebook, Google Advertising During 2016 Presidential Election Lacked Paid-For Disclaimers
Facebook Breaks The Bank
Tubi Hits 20 Million Viewers, But Faces Intensifying Competition
Digital News Daily - Monday, June 24, 2019
Juniper: Digital Advertising To Hit $520B By 2023; Amazon To Grab 8%
Wireless Industry Survey Shows Huge Yearly Increase In Mobile Data Usage
Media Planners: Programmatic, Attribution, Mobile Transforming Digital OOH Media
MRC Finds All But Two Digital Ad Measurers Now 'BTR' Compliant: Google, Nielsen Still Not Rendering
Ad-Tech Companies Violating European Privacy Law, UK Officials Say
Senate Democrats Press Regulators Over Big Tech
Smartphones Essential Travel Gear, As Users Search For Activities
Video Surveillance Driving Data Into The Clouds
Twitter Ends Programmatic Ad Program For Publishers
Social On The Upswing
Why 85% Of Artificial Intelligence Projects Fail
Duration Weighting Shouldn't Be Controversial. What We Do With It Could Well Be
Digital News Daily - Friday, June 21, 2019
Lawmaker Takes Aim At Supposed Bias By Big Tech
Google Says New Supreme Court Ruling Hurts Prager's Censorship Claim
Comcast Adds Amazon Music To Xfinity X1, Flex
Senate To Question Facebook About Its Cryptocurrency Plans
Google Testing Augmented Reality 3D, YouTube Live Stream Display Ad Formats
Kenshoo Creates Fifth Business Unit Based On Data
Google My Business Profiles Upgraded, Quality Becomes Mandatory
Taming Technology With The TransHuman Code
Who Do You Love -- Google Or Adobe?
Digital News Daily - Thursday, June 20, 2019
Venmo's Users Are More Mobile, Social Than PayPal's
FTC Probing YouTube Over Alleged Failure To Protect Kids, Improper Data Collection
Quibi's Pre-Launch Ad Commitments Already At $100 Million
Google Increases Privacy In Data Collaboration Between Agencies, Brands
Google Testing Augmented Reality 3D, YouTube Live Stream Display Ad Formats
Insights On Voice From Pandora At Cannes Lions
The WFA's New Voice Coalition
GitHub To Buy Pull Panda, Expects Better Code Reviews
Microsoft Advertising Editor Now Supports Price Extensions
WFA Reports Clutter, Other Issues Hamper Ad Awareness
ESP, ERP, CDP, Oh My! Tech Stacks And How To Build Them
Digital News Daily - Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Big Advertisers, Media, Agencies Form Alliance To Tackle Unsafe Digital Media
Hulu's CEO Talks Programming, Brand Safety, Ad Formats And Choice
Uber Refiles Suit, Alleges 100+ Ad Nets/Publishers With 'Tens Of Millions' In Mobile Ad Fraud
Pinterest Rebrands Partner Program, Expands Shoppable D2C Experience
Harris Poll: 82% Of Consumers Want Brand Ads To Appear Near Safe, Accurate Content
D2C Click-To-Shop Ads Drive Interaction For Carhartt
Recode's Kara Swisher Talks Facebook, Regulation And Fake News
Lyrics Site Uses Watermarks To Prove Google Lifts Its Content For Search Results
VidAngel Owes Movie Studios $62.4 Million, Jury Says
Spotify Can Now Target Podcast Listeners By Topic Categories
Brand Safety Institute Launches New Certification Program
Is The Future Addressable TV Advertising Or Nonlinear TV Advertising?
Facebook To Debut Cryptocurrency Libra, Usable Via App
Digital News Daily - Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Amazon Rebrands IMDb Streaming Service, Expands Content, Targets Europe
Most Ad Execs Say Duration-Weighting Is Best Method, Will Benefit OTT
Investor Pushing Sony To Sell Spotify
ANA Sues Over Drug Price Disclosure Mandate
WPP, iHeartMedia Announce Major New Audio Partnership
Quibi's Board Choices Include Conde Nast CEO
NBC News, Instagram Back Student Journalists For Political Coverage
The Case For Amazon's Sizmek Shift Into Ad-Supported OTT
Digital News Daily - Monday, June 17, 2019
Google Surges To Madison Avenue's No. 1 Supplier In Post-Olympic Comps
Facebook Debuts AI Habitat, Promotes Interactive Environments
Alphabet-Owned Jigsaw Experimented With Russian Troll Campaign
Connected TV Fraud Grows, So Does Viewability
FCC Should 'Stamp Out' Sale Of Location Data, Watchdogs Say
'Billboard'-'The Hollywood Reporter' Media Group Acquires Mobile Platform Zig Media Inc.
Lawmakers Propose New Privacy Rules For Health Apps, Wearable Devices
Voice Technology Slow To Catch On
Search Traffic Data Yields Insights On Brands, Retailers That Failed At Ecommerce
Google Wins EU Case Over Whether Gmail Is A Telecom
Cheetah Digital Replaces Email Addresses With Non-PI Tokens, Offers Archive Service
Betting Big On OTT
Amazon Benefits Most When Social Ads Drive Search
Facebook's Libra May Rally Madison Avenue's Interest In Cryptocurrencies
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