Email Marketing Daily Editions for July 2016
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, July 29, 2016
Oracle Boosts Cloud Management Services With NetSuite Acquisition
Microsoft Revamps Outlook's Inbox
Wanna Reach Millennials? Then Keep On Emailing
Apple Warns Customers About Email Scam
Google Profit, Lower CPC, Driven By Mobile Wrapped In Machine Learning, AI
After Hours Email Can Lead to Emotional Exhaustion
DNC Warms Clinton's Image, Can Trump Get A Makeover?
SwiftKey Vulnerability Exposed User Data
CiCi's Pizza Chain Reveals Data Breach
Broadband Providers Ask Court To Reconsider 'Heavy Handed' Net Neutrality Rules
New Report Points To Missed Email Marketing Opportunities
Millennial Engagement Means Email Marketing Is Here To Stay
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 28, 2016
'Economist' Utilizes New Tech To Up Engagement Stats
Russia Responds to Trump's Invitation to Hack Clinton's Email Account
Mobile Wallets Are The Fourth-Strongest Channel For Millennials
Oracle Acquires NetSuite for $9.3B
Carat, MediaCom, Zenith Rank As Top 3 Shops Clients Most Want To Work With
Julian Assange Says There is More Coming
Predictive Analytics May Soon Be Applied to Data Breaches
23% of Companies Admit to Stopping a Data Breach Every Single Day
Dear Verizon: It's Time To Kill, Consolidate & Reinvent
J.McLaughlin's Social Party Is In Full Swing
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Verizon To Acquire Yahoo Mail, Along With A Media Empire
Zoho Has a New Email Tool For Salespeople
DNC Says WikiLeaks Timed Email Release to Convention
Russia Denies Hacking DNC's Email Server
Trump Calls on Russia to Hack Clinton's Email Server
O2 Denies Data Breach
Litmus And Movable Ink Partner For Email Testing, Design
'Click-To-Call' Spending Estimated At Nearly $6 Billion
Verizon+Yahoo: What Advertisers Should Know
Refine Your Lists With 'Break Up' Emails
Email's Future Is Empowering Cross-Channel
Anyone Else Sick Of Spam?
LinkedIn Grabs Presentation-Sharing Software Startup PointDrive
DNC Day Two: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Up Close and Personal
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Brands Drive Higher Revenue With Welcome Email Series
Facebook Admits to Blocking Leaked DNC Emails
Forget Who Owns Openreach --The Real Issue Is BT's Woeful Customer Service
Feds Investigate Russia in DNC Email Hack
SVOD Usage High, With Amazon Prime Users Tuning In
Trump's Site Fails Security Challenge
John Kerry Meets With Russian Diplomat to Discuss DNC Email Hack
Royal Caribbean Delivers Strong Email Push
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, July 25, 2016
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Quits Over Email Leak
Yahoo Needs to Explain Giving Drug Dealer's Private Email Data to the Police
Glassdoor Apologizes For Exposing Job Seekers in Email
DNC Chair Apologizes Over Email Leak
FBI Investigating DNC Email Hack
Verizon To Acquire Yahoo Core Assets For $4.8 Billion
3 In 4 UK Marketers Use Email Automation
BuzzFeed Reveals Secret Of Email Is Writing With A Specific Person In Mind
One In Three Aren't Seeing The Full Picture -- Time To Work On Imaging Permissions
Democratic National Convention Kicks Off In A Haze Of Controversy
Growth, Innovation And Increasing Budgets
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, July 22, 2016
DMA Expands Email Arm, Unveils New Leadership Committee
Contently Launches Document Analytics For Tracking Downloadable Content
Larger Firms More Likely to Automate Email Campaigns
Man Sentenced to 6 Months For Hacking Into Celebrity Email Accounts
Clinton Campaign Collects Email Addresses With Trump Yourself Campaign
JetBlue Sends Playful Email to New Customers
Is Europe Ready For Mobile-First Email Marketing?
Listening To Customer Preferences Will Boost Email Engagement
49% Of Emails Are Now Mobile, IBM Study Finds
Email's Huge ROI Comes Through Developing Customer Relationships
Timing Can Be Everything In Email Marketing
Research Shows One In Three Email Recipients Aren't Seeing Images
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 21, 2016
Library of Congress Issues Seeks Email Cloud Service
Email Marketing Is Leading Channel For Small Retailers
Polymail Email App Now on iOS Devices
WikiLeaks Claims Victory Over Turkish Government
Emplify Wants to Replace Office Email With Push Notifications
Iterable, SparkPost Announce Partnership To Integrate Email With Multichannel Automation
Use Email To Overcome Threats, Impact Retail Strategy
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Turkey Blocks WikiLeaks After Site Publishes Government Emails
Clinton Email Attacks Republicans on White Supremacy
Pokemon Go Delayed in Japan After Email Leak
Criptext Lets You Encrypt & Unsend Emails
42% of American Workers Check Emails in the Bathroom
64% Of Email Marketers Say Send Button Is Becoming More Popular
Google VR For Android Poised To Become Reality For Ads
Has The Robot Email Writer Come Of Age?
How Did We Do? (Other Than Taking Your Money And Going Bust!)
Email Records May Be Kept For Crime Fighting, ECJ Rules
What Impact Could DMARC Changes Have On Your Deliverability Rates?
Humanity Is The Killer App Email Marketers Must Never Ditch
Microsoft Showing Edge In Bing Search And Cloud Services
Move Beyond The Demographic: Behaviors Matter More in Our Mobile World
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Email Marketers Boost Engagement Through Emojis
Clinton Admits That Email Scandal Hasn't Helped Campaign
Inky Lets Consumers Encrypt Emails
NY Times is Suing DOJ to Release
British Travel Agency Mistakenly Emails Survey After Going Out of Business
Dormify Counts 92% Increase in Revenue by Segmenting Emails
Peer-To-Peer Endorsements Powerful Authenticator
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, July 18, 2016
Sending Email From Beyond the Grave
Are Email Marketers Ready To Share Data?
UK Music Producer Posts Email Address On London Billboards
If Email's So 'Legacy' How Comes It's Driving Digital Targeting And Cross-Channel Conversions?
Google My Business Offers Email Verification
Mobile Use Skyrockets Without The Need For More Devices
Mailchimp Sends One Billion Emails a Day
Clinton Lawyers Ask Judge to Drop Request For Clinton Deposition
NetApp Boosts Engagement, Identifies Customer Segments With Adobe
Microsoft Wins Court Case Over Revealing Emails Stored In The EU
London-Based Phrasee Gets International Expansion Investment
Mobile Email Makes Testing Essential
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