Email Marketing Daily Editions for April 2019
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, April 22, 2019
Upland Software Acquires PostUp For $35 Million
APK Workarounds For Inbox For Gmail No Longer Work
Trendline Acquires Canadian Email Agency InboxMarketer
Tactics For Overcoming The Abandoned Cart Syndrome
Privacy And Security Still Concerns For Virtual Assistant Users, Bing Ads Study Says
A Glossary Of Martech AI Lingo
Congress Urged To Ban Use Of Data For Voter Suppression, Discrimination
Inbox Dunning: Should Email Be Used For Debt Collection? Victimized By Phishing Email
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, April 19, 2019
Study: Email More Popular With Consumers Than Text
How Travel Marketers Can Spruce Up Their Transactional Emails
Trump Rolls Out Email Blast The Same Day As Mueller Report
Tips For Building Your Email Subscriber List
Do Those Cute Emojis Work In Email Newsletters?
Millions May Be Impacted By Instagram Password Exposure
Back To School For GDPR: Can Parents Photograph Their Children?
Mailchimp Rolls Out An Original Podcast
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 18, 2019
Facebook's Sticky Fingers: It Uploads 1.5M Email Addresses Without Consent
Gmail Suffers Two-Hour Global Outage: Reports
Study: Only 27% Of U.S. Companies Are Compliant With GDPR
Litmus Names Several New Email Execs And a Board Member
Most SMBs Say They Need A Digital Presence, Study Shows
Facebook Caught Scraping 1.5 Million Users' Contacts
New Form Of Malvertising Hits Exchanges, Costs Industry $325 Million This Year
Tech Firms Urge Changes In California Privacy Act
Vodafone Angers Customers By Cutting Auto-Forwarding for Vodafone Mail
Outstanding B2B Emails, And How To Do What They Do
Tech Giants Must Be Clearer On Ecommerce Competition
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 17, 2019
6sense, B2B Service Provider, Scores $27 Million In New Funding
Tricky Outreach: Tactics For Reaching Out By Email
Content Marketing Novices Urged To 'Lean Into Email'
Is Samsung Email Accessing Gmail Accounts? Bug Leads To Alert
Survata, Oracle Team Up On Moat Analytics Integration
Subscription-Based 'The Information' May Test Ads In Newsletters
Partnering With Kidbox, Walmart Jumps Into Subscription Fray
Listrak Debuts Accelerated Mailchimp Migration Program
Study: Personalization Important To Young Retail Shoppers
Five Ways To Improve Email Performance
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Google Pay Users Can Retrieve Loyalty Cards And Tickets From Gmail
Ukrainian Military Hit With Spear Phishing Attacks
U.S. Government Tops Web Privacy Audit
Think Tanks Fight State Privacy Legislation
New Email Trigger Tool Is Offered To SMBs
Ad Industry Slams Texas Privacy Proposal
Evergage Names Saati As VP Of Customer Success
Duck Duck Go, Brave, Other Companies Want To Beef Up California Privacy Law
CPGs Find Powerful Partners As Retailer Ad Platforms Vie With Amazon
Party Time's Over: News Sites Cut Back On Third-Party Cookie Use Under GDPR
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, April 15, 2019
Microsoft Reports Hacking Of Email Accounts
Is This A Joke? Cyber Crooks Spoof Email Security Firm
Pendo Launches Tool To Help Marketo Clients Build Their Email Teams
Sen. Markey Proposes Privacy Bill Requiring Opt-In Consent To Data Collection
Ad Industry Slams Texas Privacy Proposal
Court Tosses Email Hyperlink Defamation Suit Against The 'New Yorker'
Bernie Sanders Campaign Misspells Boston In Email
Gmail To Add A '?' Button For Access To Support Features
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, April 12, 2019
TalkTalk Email Service Reported Down In The UK
Dyspatch CEO On Why Email Beats Social Media
Political Email Addresses Said To Be Worth $8 Apiece
Liveclicker Offers Personalized Coupon Delivery Tool
GOP Group Apologizes For Calling Ocasio-Cortez A 'Terrorist' In Email: Report
Email Can Boost Your Average Online Order Value
Google's Deindexing Bug: Random Or Systematic?
The Classic Sales Funnel Is Now Outdated
5 Ways Marketers Can Thrive In Highly Regulated Industries
Living Dangerously: Few Firms Have A Plan For Cyber Attacks
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 11, 2019
LiveRamp Acquires Faktor, Consent Management Platform
Google To Launch Hangouts Chat For G Suite Users
Study: B2B Buyers Want A Seamless Ecommerce Experience
How Psychology Can Drive More Effective Email Marketing
Email Firm Moves Headquarters From New Zealand To U.S.
Thank You Emails Are Non-Negotiable
UK Home Office Apologizes To EU Citizens For Data Leak
Proposed Law Targets 'Unfair' Algorithms
House Votes To Reinstate Net Neutrality
'New York Times' Presses Bid For Data About Net Neutrality Comments
The Content Writer's Shtick: How To Engage Email Readers
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 10, 2019
A Fourth Of Phishing Emails Slip By Office 365 Security: Study
No-Reply Emails Hurt Customer Engagement: Opinion
Evvnt Partners With Site Impact On Event Emails
Bill Would Ban Large Online Platforms From Using 'Dark Patterns'
Hotel Websites Leak Personal Data On Guests: Symantec
Google Cloud Search Tool Finds Data Stored In SAP, Salesforce And Other Platforms
Facebook Lets Users Track Updates, Reduces Ability To Spread Misinformation
Social Climbing: SMBs Now Choose That Channel Over Email
Four Email Marketing Metrics For Tracking ROI
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Email Budgets Are Going Up For Almost 46%
Herman Cain Email List Used For Money-Making Offer: Report
Yahoo Agrees To $117 Million Settlement Over Data Breaches
Infutor Names Senat As VP Of Strategic Partnerships
Why Are So Many Companies So Horrible At Responding To Emails?
Asana CEO On Why The Company Has Ditched Email
Leadfeeder Raises EUR3.1 Million In Funding Round
UK Data Chief Says Accountability Under GDPR Still Not Here
Four Ways To Use AI To Build Email Results
Money And Martech: Almost Two-Thirds Are Increasing Their Budgets
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