Iterable Debuts Three New Products For Fostering Marketing Teamwork

Iterable, the provider of a cross-channel engagement platform, has unveiled several new products and channels at its Activate conference. 

The company, which raised $50 million in funding in March, is “committed to democratizing growth by helping all teams across an organization achieve their overall vision and goals," states Justin Zhu, CEO of Iterable.

Addressing the three key components in a campaign — people, data and execution — the new products include:

  • Teams — This feature allows customized roles and permissions across departments, regions and product lines, with the goal of facilitating teamwork, the company says. It also helps ensure data security.
  • Data — This tooldemocratizes access to data, allowing marketers and their collaborators across the business to garner actionable insights, Iterable says.
  • Catalog — This solution enables marketers to build collections or personalized content blocks, and to hyper-target messages at scale, the company says.

Iterable describes the new channels as follows: 

  • Mobile Inbox — A personalized in-app content feed designed to improve mobile engagement allows brands to send campaigns when convenient. Mobile users can retrieve content in the background with no disruption to the flow.
  • Multi-App Push — This enables brands with multiple mobile applications to push campaigns to the right mobile app.
  • Facebook Custom Audiences — This allowsmarketers to retarget users using the cross-channel orchestration capabilities in Iterable Workflow Studio. 
  • Google Customer Match — Brands can use this tool to target users who are logged in to their Google accounts, whether they are relying on YouTube, Search or Gmail.

Zhu adds that “growth marketing is a company-wide initiative."

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