Survata, Oracle Team Up On Moat Analytics Integration

Two measurement platforms will announce a partnership Thursday that gives marketers a new option for measuring advertising campaigns.

Survata will announce a collaboration with Oracle Data Cloud to integrate attention data from its ad viewability platform Moat Analytics with brand-impact data from the Survata Ad Measurement platform.

Moat measures the attention span of viewers, or the quality of that attention, as well as how long the ad remained in view on the screen. Survata measures persuasion, meaning whether the ad influences the consumer to make the purchase.  

Mark Kopera, head of product for Moat Analytics at Oracle Data Cloud, said the partnership ties attention analytics with the impact the campaign has on the consumer viewing the ad.

The biggest challenge will be the integration of the two tags.

Advertisers have been asking both companies to form a partnership because “if Survata’s system is blind to whether consumers see the ad, we found that the persuasion measurement isn’t nearly as accurate,” said Chris Kelly, founder and CEO of Survata.

The two companies worked with dozens of major brands to help them understand how “attention” correlates to the impact on the brand and campaign. “We didn’t want to scare off advertisers by making this complicated,” Kelly said.

The bigger challenge came with deciding what to measure and educating advertisers about which questions to ask to achieve their goals. For example, what type of attention drove the purchase?

It turns out that as consumers increase their adoption of mobile devices, attention spans shorten.

A report from Integral Ad Science, released early in 2018, suggests that the average time a viewable display ad was in view on desktop was 10.58 seconds, compared with mobile web display at 7.43 seconds. The data is based on hundreds of billions of ad impressions for a device type, ad format, and buy type.

The metrics are viewable separately in each of the platforms, but in the future the two will include the metrics in each other’s dashboard.

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