Marketing CPG Weekly Editions for May 2019
Marketing CPG Weekly - Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Amazon: CPGs Sort Through Metrics, Data Issues
Meat Alternatives, Ready-Made Cocktails Challenge Traditional Summer Fare
'Busch Guy' To Officiate Marriage Of Contest Winners
Pepsi Unleashes Hundreds Of Instagram AR Filters For Summer
Baby, Beauty, Essentials Shine Bright For Target
Nutrition Brand Dymatize Launches 'Women Strong' Effort
Tying Attribution To OOH Sampling: Vengo Labs' Marci Weisler
Are YouTubers Secretly The World's Best Marketers?
Baby Boomers Spend More Than Millennials -- Yet Are Ignored By Advertisers
How To Know If Your Brand Idea Will Convert
3 Ways To Reinvest In The Art Of Storytelling
Kind Of A Sad Story: Pessimism Increases Among Millennials, Gen Z
Peet's Coffee Enlists Stand-up Comedian
Marketing CPG Weekly - Tuesday, May 21, 2019
The Amazon Factor: The Push To Align CPG Shopper, Brand Marketing Teams
Walmart, Target Surpass Amazon In Online Groceries
Pringles Launches 'Mystery Flavor' Sweeps In Walgreens
Reese Canada Releasing Feature-Length ASMR Movie
Frito-Lay's Summer Campaign Pitches 3 Brands
Barefoot Wine Taps Mindy Kaling For 'On Tap' Launch
Q&A: Jessica Alba On Honest's New Content Campaign
3 Reasons Why Legacy CPG Brands Should Go D2C
3 Strategic Questions To Ask For Content Marketing Win
J.Lo 's Birthday: Relationship Insights For Marketers Targeting Over-50 Crowd
We're All Content Publishers -- Get Used To It
Vita Coco Wins Twitter War With Hater
Hershey's To Offer Emoji Designs On Bars
Peet's Coffee Enlists Stand-up Comedian
Marketing CPG Weekly - Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Next-Gen Targeting Reinvents The CPG Launch Game
Michelob Ultra Maluma Spot Timed For Album Launch, 'Tonight Show' Appearance
Is Drunk Elephant Being Pursued By Unilever?
Glenlivet Transforms Bottle, Woos New Segments (Including Moms)
Kraft To Pay For Mother's Day Babysitter Bills
Bud Uses Minute Of MLB Ad Time As Timeout To 'Call Your Mom'
Axe Uses Cizzorz To Help Gamers Connect With Their 'True Selves'
Harry's Acquired By Owner of Schick, Wilkinson Blades For $1.37B
Cheez-It Hides Bunker-Full Of New Snap'd Snacks
Melanoma Mix-Up: Ingredient Study Throws Shade On Sunscreens
As Seen On TV: Does D2C Spending Mean Good Vibes, Or Bad Omen?
What Happens When Your Brand Becomes Invisible?
4 Ways To Avoid Common A/B Testing Pitfalls
Heineken Launches First Cross-Brand Zero Alcohol Campaign
Chobani Assists Students With Lunch Program Debt
Marketing CPG Weekly - Tuesday, May 7, 2019
The Tao Of Unilever, Part 2: Amazing AI Applications
Relevance At Scale: Why It Matters For CPGs
CMO Eduardo Luz Leaving Kraft Heinz
P&G Forms 'Learning Farms' To Help Small Growers Use Sustainable Practices
Mtn Dew Gets Celebs To Help Fans Get Time Off
Kraft To Pay For Mother's Day Babysitter Bills
Jose Cuervo's Cinco Promo: Free Laundry For A Year (Huh?)
Hispanics' Lifetime Spending To Top Others' By $500K
Using Data To Change The World
Will Taboo Topics Help VCs Warm Up To Women's Brands?
Consumers See Through Insincere Brand Activism -- So, Be Authentic
The Proof Is In The Planning: Selecting Your Cross-Channel Media Mix
Improving Personalization: AI, Trust, The Human Channel