Marketing Daily Editions for March 2011
Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 31, 2011
Ford Could Outsell GM, But Japan Is Big If
So Loyal, They'll Buy Shirts Off Their Backs
Target Offers $50K Makeover In Earth Month Promo
Walmart, Target, Home Depot Top U.S. Brands
Qatar Airways Aims For Global Awareness
Ceres Backs Proposed MPG Standards
Dairy Queen Ads Said To Melt Among Younger Set
Rand McNally Celerates Truckers, Touts Navigation
Report: Microsoft's Mathews Leaving
Nanny Caddy Kiosks At N.Y., S.F. Museums, Zoos
Chevrolet Teases Malibu On Facebook
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Q&A: Meet Gen Y, The Sherpa Parents
Hanging On By A Thread
A New Episode In The Intergalactic Battle Of The Cloud
ID Media Taps Ex-Reporter Wong For Comms
Timing Is Everything
Infiniti Luxury Sales Heading South, Literally
Fanta Unveils Global 'Less Serious' Campaign
Haier Launches Days Full Of Earth-centered Vids
Three Olives Vodka Launches $10M Campaign
Non-Burger Chains Up In EquiTrend Score
Cadillac Presenting Sponsor Of Vail Film Festival
Kraft Mac Creates 'Instant' Twitter-Based TV Spot
GE Touts MRI Machines With PGA's Furyk
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Mercedes Joins List Of Brands Leveraging PGA Tour
Japan Suspends Marketing, Promo Activity
The Democratization Of Content
Silk Campaign Urges Switch From Dairy To Soymilk
New Snapple Tea Bears TV Show's Name
Marketer's Bookshelf: Demographics, Green, Relevance
Kraft To Reward Sustainable Farmers
Ford Sync In For Fight With Similar Products: Edmunds
Papa Murphy's Launches $35 Million Campaign
Burger King Facebook App Offers Chicken Deal
Marketing Daily - Monday, March 28, 2011
Kenmore Reality Show Centers On Design
What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Tweeters
Musicians + Luxury Brands = Match Made In Heaven?
Q&A: J.D. Powers' O'Neill On 'Listening' Tools
Global Private Label To Leap 25% By 2025
Tourism Group Promotes Korean Food, Culture
Study: Americans Hate Faux Green Marketers
Mercedes-Benz To Open Driving School For Teens
BMW 'I Ventures' Finds Partner, Seeks N.Y. Apartment
Adult Swim Fans to Create Pizza Hut TV Spot
Marketing Daily - Friday, March 25, 2011
Target, Best Buy Gear Up For Nintendo 3DS Launch
Getting Real About Your Food Labels
Permission-Based Advertising: Best ROI Options
Brands Line Up For Indy 500 Centennial
Samsung Promo Leverages March Madness
Extreme Flavors Getting More Extreme
Porsche: Taking The Kids To Soccer? Lose The Minivan
Study: Spend Ad Money On Better Buyer Experience
Madison Square Garden Hires Alex Diaz As GM
Arm & Hammer Launches Power Gel With Party Offer
Qatar Airways Launches Its Largest Travel Promotion
L.L. Bean Switches To Free Shipping Forever
Eight O'Clock Does 'Snag A Bag' Facebook Promo
2K Sports: Sexy Serena Williams Ad 'Unauthorized'
Ill. Considers Tollway Truck Ads
Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 24, 2011
U.S. Census Is All About Hispanic, Local
Tilting The Cookies In Your Favor
What's A Marketer To Do?
Top Value: Google #1; Coke Slips From Top 10
Levi's Takes Watery Mission To Facebook
Study: Female Investors Need Personal Interaction
To Facebook Or Not To Facebook, That Is The Question
IBM Pushes Analytics, 'Smarter Commerce' Cross-Platform
REI Launches IPhone App For Android
Walmart Pledges $5 Million To Meals On Wheels
Powersports Industry Groups Donate To Japan Efforts
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Carl's, Hardee's Talk Turkey (Burgers, Of Course)
'Twas A Bad Week To Be A Consumer
Beware In Handing Over Social Media Keys
Social Media Means More Than Social Channels
Marketing: More than Just a Pretty Face
New Ford Focus Spokesperson: Puppet Named Doug
Study Finds Smartphones Bring In Bucks
New Seafood Brand Lets You Track Your Snapper
Report Explores Social Media, Consumer Relationship
NPD: Calorie Posting Has Small Effects On Orders
Dr Pepper Drinks Expanded In Popeyes
Maxwell House Updates Passover Haggadah
Madden Gets Bracket Fever
Jackson Hewitt Launches 'Dare To Compare' Promo
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 22, 2011
State Farm Promo Invites People To Call 'Shotgun'!
Using A Vanity Phone Number Is Not In Vain
Post-Acquisition Merger Unlikely To Be 'AT&T&T'
Acxiom Urges Industry To Study Media Options
More Retro Action: Heinz, Hostess Follow Pepsi
Larger Smartphone Screens Grow Share: NPD
Lindt Serves Up Chocolate At Sony Ericsson Open
Survey: Small-Business Owners Eye Rosier Days
Kelley Blue Book: Hold Off On That Hybrid
Tony Cervone To Head VW Group Comms
Tiffany Sales Up; Predicts Strong Year Ahead
Study: Branded Pharma Sites Drive Conversions
Marketing Daily - Monday, March 21, 2011
Japan Shutdowns Likely To Squeeze Everyone
Circle Or Prophecy: Howard Schultz' Vision Prevails
The 'Rules' For Innovation: A CMO's Viewpoint
5 Rules For Maintaining A Twitter Account
Lauder Launches Idealist With Multi-Ethnic Models
Jim Beam Presents 'Live Music Series'
Tecate Expands Marketing To All Hispanic Males
Dealer's Call Leads To Critic's Resignation
Study: Social Access Key To Smartphone Happiness
Another Conn. Casino Marketing Chief Leaves
AT&T To Acquire T-Mobile
Marketing Daily - Friday, March 18, 2011
When It Comes To Energy Choices, Let's Stop The Spin
Who Finds Wealth Very Important?
'It's Not Me, It's You. You're Fired'
Future Hazy For Japanese Vehicles, Motorcycles
The Home Depot Grows Its Own Black Friday
Lincoln Tops In J.D. Power Dependability Study
RockResorts Launches First New Creative In 5 Years
Taco Bell's Ad Blitz 'Defense' Strategy Working
Walgreens Honors Giffords With Special Training Day
Starbucks Reportedly Exploring Buying Peet's
Tourism Ireland Launches Facebook Game
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