Arm & Hammer Launches Power Gel With Party Offer

  • March 24, 2011
Arm & Hammer is launching a gel-based laundry detergent called Power Gel with a consumer-content effort that encourages moms to share messy moments of their kids' first birthdays for a chance to win a blowout birthday party for their child. 

The company wants parents to share a favorite photo from their party with a caption that describes that image at 

The company is marketing the gel formula with its proprietary OxiClean formulation for stain-fighting performance. The promotion runs through June 15. After that consumers will be encouraged to vote for their favorite among five finalists through July. The grand prize winner gets a $5,000 "The Ultimate Kids Birthday Party."

The other four finalists get a one-year supply of Power Gel and a $250 party supply gift certificate. Here's hoping the next chapter of this program dangles a $5,000 party for adults.



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