Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for March 2019
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Trump Email Seeks Donations In Wake Of 'Exoneration"
White House Provides Enemies List To, Well, 'The Enemy Of The People'
2019's Top Contender For 'Media Person Of The Year,' Barr None
Media Reacts To Barr's Mueller Report Summary, Trump To 'Slam and Shame' Critics
Days Remaining: 666
Conservative News Site 'Breitbart' Continues Downward Slide, Fox News Maintains Dominance
Judges Consider Whether Trump Can Block Twitter Critics
Facebook Cracks Down On Foreign Fake News Campaigns
'NYT' Debuts Latest Film In "Truth" Campaign, Focuses On ISIS Coverage
Google, McClatchy Launch Local News Experiment Project
FTC Launches Broadband Privacy Investigation
Feds Reportedly Subpoena Marketer In Media-Buying Probe
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Never Pick A Fight With A Cow That Can Milk Social Media By The Barrel
Rep. Nunes Sues Twitter And Parodists Over Mocking Tweets
Facebook Curbs Ad Targeting To Settle Civil Rights Lawsuits
ANA Wants Privacy Regime That Bans Some Practices, Allows Opt-Outs For Targeted Ads
Fox Adds Ryan, Carey To Board, Stock Down 4%
Voter List Firm Offers Web Browsing Data
Despite New Zealand PM's Policy, Media Still Names Shooter
Facebook Downplays NZ Massacre Views
NZ Terror Video Makes Internet Regulation Certain
Facebook: 30% Of Users Endure A 'News Desert'
'New York Times' Not Entitled To Information About Net Neutrality Commenters, FCC Says
DC Fray, On Top Media Partner, Expand Reach Across Capitol Region
Bezos, 'Enquirer' Drama Deepens, Girlfriend's Brother Sold Texts
'Washington Post Opinions' Launches Long-Form Journalism Initiative
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Thank You Mr. President For Making My Life Easier
News Corp Australia Follows Sen. Warren's Call For A Google Breakup
California Privacy Law Threatens Discount Programs, ANA Says
California Privacy Law Could Revive 'Do-Not-Track' Tools
Facebook Restores Sen. Warren's 'Breakup' Ads
Senators Propose Banning Behavioral Targeting Of Teens Under 16
Politics And BBQ in Austin
Dick's Sporting Goods Pulling Hunting Rifles From 125 More Stores
Tim Berners-Lee Looks To Rid World Wide Web, At 30, Of Misinformation, Clickbait
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 6, 2019
The 'Bullshit' Pulpit
Democrats To Introduce Net Neutrality Bill
Brands Lose Up To An Estimated $50 Billion Annually From Ad Fraud
'National Review,' 'Weekly Standard' Alums To Debut Conservative Media Company
YouTube, Gab Stir Latest Debate About Reader Comments