Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for January 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020
On Eve Of A Political Ad Bowl, Americans Vote Against Politicizing The Big Game
Impact Vs. Frequency: Bloomberg's Super Bowl :60 Vs. President's :30s
Anti-Trump GOP Group Pushes Ads In Final Days Of Impeachment Trial
Mark Penn: Impeachment Trial Is 'An Exercise In Political Rage'
Post-Impeachment Trial: What Trump's Future TV Ads Might Sound Like
CNN, MSNBC Airing 90% Of Live Impeachment Trial: Fox, Not So Much
'The Guardian' Rejects All Fossil Fuel Ads
'The 19th' Site Launches, Focuses On Women And Politics
ProPublica Receives $1M to Support Election Coverage
Tulsi Gabbard Presses First Amendment Claim Against Google
'The New Yorker' Launches Cross-Platform 'Democracy' Series
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020
Impeachment Is A Boom For (Some) Right-Wing Media
The Impeachment Trial Is A Media Event, And You -- Not The Senate -- Are The Jurors
On The Eve Of Davos, Ad Industry Unveils Plan To Use Economics To Combat Unsafe Digital Media
GDPR Has Levied $126 Million In Fines, Breach Notifications Rising
Study Finds Consumers Want To Know Brands' Political Stances
Facebook Editorial Argues It's Now 'Better Securing Our Elections'
Supreme Court Won't Intervene In Facebook Biometric Privacy Battle
Online Regulator Is A Near Certainty
USDA Again Takes A Knife To Michelle Obama's School Nutrition Guidelines
Joe Biden Takes On Section 230: Web Freedom Vs. Accountability
Boris, Please Leave The BBC Alone
Why Good Tech Companies Keep Being Evil
UK Defies Brexit Uncertainty By Leading EU Ad-Spending Growth In 2020
Facebook Aims To Pacify Overseas Critics
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020
The Buzz Surrounding Joe For President (No, Not That Joe)
Word-of-Mouth Rising For Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Yang, Klobuchar
Trump Supporters Eye Buyout Of One America News Network
Email No Longer Works For Advocacy Efforts, Study Finds
'Newsweek' Celebrates Diverse Views With New 'Debate' Platform
Colorado Greenlights Cannabis Billboards
Let's Get Uncomfortable -- Before It's Too Late
Facebook Prevails In Battle With Russian 'News' Agency
Russian Entrepreneur Takes On Google, Yandex To Stop Disinformation
Harvard Law Professor Has Weak Libel Case Against 'NYT'
Meghan And Harry Wake Up To Find The Press Playing Hardball
Reuters Received Secret Cold War Funding From UK Government
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020
Why I Don't Miss Fakebook, Er, I Mean Facebook
Facebook Still Won't Vet Political Ads, But Will Let You See Fewer
Facebook Bans Deepfake Videos, 'Cheapfakes' Continue
Don't Miss Molly: One-Of-A-Kind Columnist Makes For A Powerful Film
Bloomberg, Trump In $20-Million-Plus Super Bowl Facedown
Facebook Exec: Staffers Have Ability To Influence 2020 Presidential Election
Twitter To Allow Posters To Block All Replies
Trump's Media Attacks Continue As TV Ad Dollars Rise
Like Howard Beale, Ricky Gervais Is Mad As Hell
Why Political Advertisers Double Down On Local TV And What Brand Media Pros Can Learn From Them
Hamas Victims Want Supreme Court To Revive Lawsuit Against Facebook
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020
Obama Ties Current POTUS As 'Most Admired Man' In 2019
Who Won 2019's Political PR Race? (Hint: She's Not Even Running)
Arming The Militias
Fox Remains Dominant Conservative News Site, But Up-And-Comers Ascend
'Truth' In Advertising Struggles As Platforms Twitter, Spotify Reject Political Ads
How Anti-Semitism Happens Programmatically, And In Real Time
How to Survive Election Season
On The Move, Literally: Richey Joins Picture Motion From Movement Strategy
Twentysomething: This Decade's Brand Is TBD