Mobile Marketing Daily Editions for September 2012
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 14, 2012
Power: People Are Pleased With Tablet Experience
For Tablet Owners: Prime Time Is A Two-Screen Experience Now
Google Pressures Acer To Pull Phone Launch
Apple Shutters Ping
Multiscreen TV-Tablet Viewing Soars
StubHub CMO Ray Elias: We Are Not Just A Ticket Seller
Facebook Interest-Based Targeting Moves Out Of Beta
Ad Firm Touts Results On Facebook Exchange
Nintendo's Wii U Console To Feature Second-Screen TV Stuff
BuzzFeed Acquires Kingfish Labs, Enhances Facebook Connection
Jury Out On Google Glass
Microsoft To Give Employees Surface
What Facebook's Phone and Email Targeting Really Means
Prototype Of 'Smart' Newspaper Released
Query This: 'iPhone 5,' Google Vs. Bing
'USA Today' To Debut New Design, Logo Cross-Platform
Apple's Newest Operating System To Include Its Version Of Do-Not-Track
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012
Text Operators Are Standing By: Could DRTV Use M-Payments?
Nielsen To Extend Metrics To Mobile, Online Ratings 'Accurate'
The Whole Story - Social Networking - The Hierarchy of Devices
Google Touts Android Amid iPhone 5 Buzz
comScore, Arbitron Team For '5-Platform' Ratings, Covers Video, Audio, Display Across TV, Radio, PC, Phone, Tablet
iOS 6 Fly-By: Yelp! Gets A Shout-Out From Apple
Business Elite Consumes Media 'On The Go'
Thinner, Longer, Faster: Apple Unveils iPhone 5
iOS 6 Can Improve The User's Brand Experience
Apple's Search Engine Confirms iPhone5 Release
Ad Execs See Opportunity In iPhone 5
Apple Rolls Out That Old-Time Dazzle
InsightExpress Links Attitude, Behavior To Measure Mobile Ad Campaigns
Tablet Viewing Rising In Popularity For Older Viewers, Not Hurting TV Viewing
Report: Media Chiefs Most Bullish On Mobile, Less So On Social
Tapjoy Appoints Seybold as VP Global Communications
Big Data Breaches Require Big Security Plans
DEV WATCH: Amobee Launces PULSE Create
Parents Rely On Mobile For Shopping, Kids' Entertainment
400M iOS Devics Sold
Report: Media Chiefs Most Bullish On Mobile, Less So On Social
Lawmaker Proposes New Privacy Safeguards For Mobile Users
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012
iPhone 5 To Have Major Impact On Users, Tech Rivals
Boingo Expands Wi-Fi Sponsorship With Google Play
Google Updates Mobile Ad Features
The Free Model Is Driving Massive App Market Growth
Is There Life After That Scan?
Zuckerberg: Mobile Will Be Key To Facebook's Success
Apple IPhone Customers More Satisfied Than Google Users
Pew: Almost 70% of Affluent Adults Own Smartphones
Let's Kill The Mobile Landing Page
Retailers Bullish On Holiday, Less So On Mobile
Unilever Partners With Fundraising App
The World According To Apple, Amazon
Bing Threatens Google, Becomes Default Search Engine For Amazon Kindle
iOS Edges Up On Millennial Network Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch
Twitter SMBs Get New Tool
Comcast Targets Hispanics With Triple-Play Package
With 4G, Everywhere Everywhere Becomes Just EE
Smartphones Ring Up Popularity Stats
Nokia Snafu Builds Awareness?
Smartphone Shipments To Hit 1B In 2016
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012
iOS Edges Up On Millennial Network Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch
Augme Names Ogilvy Exec COO
Nielsen: U.S. Smartphone Adoption Hits 55%
UK Takes To Video, Mobile Ads Willingly
Catching the iPhone 5's Mobile Marketing Wave
Spurned By Apple, YouTube App Targets Lean-Back Mobile Moments
Instagram Gaining Ground On Facebook
Verizon Wireless Celebrates Hispanic 'Suenos'
Edelman Strengthens Focus On Digital, Mobile
'Breaking Bad' Viewer Rates Second-Screen App
Go Mobile, Or Go Home
Toys "R" Us Crashes Tablet Market
Boingo Expands Wi-Fi Sponsorship With Google Play
3 Martha Stewart Shows Make Hulu Debut
Localytics Used New Monies To Up Mobile Marketing Services
Can Google Market Mobile In China?
Sony, Cowell Create New Headphones
Zynga Loses CMO Karp
Dijit Launches Social TV Guide App
Spotzot Updates Mobile Shopping Ads
Spotify To Debut Redesigned, Browser Version
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 10, 2012
'Ad Age' Relaunch Includes New Scan-to-Share Print2Web Encoding
Can Apple Make Money From Music Streaming?
Mobile Email Opens Climb to 36%
'Lawless' Radio On Pandora And Animated Mobile Ad Promote Weinstein Film
Showrooming Is More About Confidence Than Comparison
Amazon Retreats On Kindle Fire Ad Support, Offers $15 Opt-Out
MMA Names 'Smarties' Finalists
How To Analyze Twitter Followers
Creative Search Optimization Feeds Mobile Conversions
Online Content Wars Sparked By Dueling Platforms, Partnerships, Innovation
Flurry Hits 100 Million Mobile Video Ads
Virgin Media Unveils Virgin TV Anywhere
Live Video Views On Mobile Devices More Than Double In Q2
Feds Fight Google Over Mobile Privacy
Verizon Confirms Nokia Partnership
Prescription-Strength Mobile Strategy
Macy's, Nordstrom, Victoria's Secret Best Digital Brands
Group M Downgrades China Ad Spend Growth
'USA Today' Relaunch, Gannett Acquires Mobestream
Mobile, Social Registers Rise In Cybercrime
Toys "R" Us Crashes Tablet Market
Go Mobile, Or Go Home
Spotzot Updates Mobile Shopping Ads
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 7, 2012
Twitter To Top Facebook In Mobile Ad Revs
I Want My Multichannel Search
The 4 Distinct Personalities of Connected Consumers
Just One More Thing: Amazon's New Fire Models Are All Ad-Subsidized
Social Networking, Gaming Drive Smartphone Satisfaction
Gov: Geo-Location Data Not Private
Report: Nearly Half Of Consumers Start Video On One Device And Finish On Another
Amazon Unveils New Kindle Fire HD, 'Paperwhite' E-Reader
Sunday Times Racks Up 100K Users On IPad
Multivariate Testing: Do We Need A Chief Measurement Officer?
Levi's Goes 'Forth' On Flipboard
New Kindle Fire to Include Email App
It's A Jungle And Amazon's In The Thick Of It
Microsoft To Google: 'Bing It On'
Judge Approves Controversial Ebook Settlement Between DOJ, Three Publishers
Neiman Marcus, Visa Team On Fashionable Mobile Service
Grey Goose Employs Instagram, Pinterest For Launch
Premium Video Viewing Soars
Verizon Confirms Nokia Partnership
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012
Mobile Study Identifies Need For Better On-Site, In-App Search
Overcoming the Challenges of SMS Messages
How To Succeed In App Marketing Without Really Trying...To P.O. The FTC
Lean-Back With Benefits: Discovery Vs. Search In T-Commerce
Q&A: Stores Rule; Social And Mobile Lag
Google Gains Identity Match Patent
How The 2012 Election Is Driving Mobile Marketing Innovation
T-Mobile Touts Unlimited Mobile Data Strategy
FCC To Grade Mobile Broadband Networks
Hyper-Local & Mobile Data Demystified
Smartphone Owners Clear Search History, Shed Apps, To Protect Privacy
More Than 60 Percent of Consumers Use Social Media While Watching TV
Nokia Banks Rebound On Latest Lumia Phones
2012 OMMA Awards Finalist: Web Site Excellence: Entertainment: Games, EA Mobile, EA Mobile
Droids And Windows Phones Take The Stage
AOL App Makes 'Entrance' on Windows Phone
Facebook Finalizes Instagram Buy
Facebook Tries To Appease Investors
The "Father of Email" Believes the Inbox Will Never Die
Is This The New Kindle?
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012
OnSwipe: Tablet Use Meteoric for Partner Moguldom's African-American Audiences
We May Need More Kittens: OMD Adding Sponsored Video To Showyou iPad Video Aggregator
Mobile Shopping Behaviors Still A Moving Target This Holiday
For 18-34s, Social Media Can Jump-Start TV Viewing
Tablets: A Feel-Good Medium?
App Developers Win Round In Privacy Lawsuit
Brush Up On Your Smartphone Market
RadioShack Launches Branded Mobile Phones
You Can't Spell Happiness Without 'App'
Amazon Adds EPIX Content to Prime Instant Video, Prompting Netflix Slide
Looking To Take The Bite Out Of Apple
Royal Caribbean Tops In Marketing
Nokia Tries Again With Streaming Music Service
Free Mobile Says It Has 5.4% of French Market
iPhones A Third Of U.S. Smartphones
Socialcam Opens Up API
CNN Debuts Kindle Fire App
'WaPo,' Socialcam Team For Convention Videos
Smartphone Owners Clear Search History, Uninstall Apps, To Protect Privacy
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012
Up To 40% Of Mobile Ad Clicks May Be Accidents Or Fraud?
Smartphone Users Responsive To Ads
Walmart Tests In-Store Self-Checkout With iPhones
Minorities Prefer Internet Radio In Cars, Tablets
Truth Gets Game For Anti-Tobacco Message
Free Mobile Says It Has 5.4% of French Market
BBC Debuts Mobile IPlayer Downloads
The Netflix Effect: In A Multi-Screen World, Being Seamless Is The Next Big Task
iPhones A Third Of U.S. Smartphones
Technology Driving Today's Empowered Healthcare Consumer
Coke Hits 50M Facebook Fans, Launches App
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