Flurry Hits 100 Million Mobile Video Ads

App analytics and advertising firm Flurry today offered another indication of growing demand for mobile video advertising. The firm said it served more than 100 million completed video ads across its app ad network in August after introducing the format a year ago for iOS devices.

The company says its AppCircle network reaches 250 million mobile users monthly. Its video ads, called AppCircle Clips, feature trailer-style videos designed to drive app downloads using various targeting options. The ads carry eCPMs of $12 to $15 and the fill rate is 75% in developed markets like the U.S. and U.K., and 30% in emerging markets like China, according to Peter Farago, VP, marketing at Flurry.

The company also highlighted a case study from a Gaia Interactive campaign showing customers acquired through the video ads played its “Monster Galaxy” game 43% more often and 23% longer per session than its average users. Instead of casual users, the campaign focused on more intense, hard-core gamers.

BrightRoll earlier this year said more than 40% of ad requests on on its video ad exchange were for mobile, up from 5% in 2011. Similarly, Farago said video ads served on the AppCircle network. To build on its push into mobile video advertising, Flurry today also announced it's extending its Clips format to Android devices.



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