Premium Video Viewing Soars

Watching-TV-on-Ipad-AMore long-form premium TV and movie content continues to get heavy play from online consumers.

Premium video content -- movies, TV and sports programming -- now accounts for more than 60% of total time Internet users spend watching video online. This data comes from Ooyala, the digital video technology company, which looks at research from 200 million online viewers from the second quarter of this year.

Growth of video continues on tablets and PCs: The time that tablet viewers spent watching long-form videos grew 47% in the second quarter. Also in the period, PC viewers tuned in to see live videos for an average of 33 minutes.

Long-form video content is still very important to viewers in this digital age -- even when it comes to new technology attached to their big screens. When using smart TVs, set-top boxes and gaming consoles, viewers spend 93% of their time watching movies, TV shows and other long-form videos, says the report.

In keeping with the heavy political season this year, Democrat-sided viewers watched more online video in the second quarter.

“Blue State” viewers –- states that went heavily Democrat in the 2008 U.S. presidential election -- watched 26% more online video, in terms of number of plays, than “Red State” viewers, where states leaned Republican.



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