• CPA Affiliates Are Pilfering Your Brand Through Paid Search
    I am surprised time and time again when I search in Google and see that there are many large brands and advertisers who allow -- and, more important, pay -- their affiliates to leverage their brand name through paid search tactics. They are unknowingly allowing this to happen, or are doing this because it is a no-risk media proposition to drive new customers on a performance model by their affiliates. It may seem like a good idea in theory if you only pay for new customers and the affiliate absorbs the media risk; but I think the cons can far ...
  • Why Big Brands Should Adopt The Fastest Growing Online Ad Vehicle
    In this newsletter and other publications, we've all noted the remarkable growth of online lead generation in the last few years. In 2006 alone, the category recorded more than a 70% increase in ad spending, making it the fastest growing online ad vehicle by far. Faster than search, faster than display.
  • How To Choose An Article Submission Service
    Building your list and adding prospects to your sales funnel with article submissions is among the hottest sales-lead-generation trends on the Web today. However, the article submission process is one of the most tedious tasks possible. That's why many authors, experts and businesses choose to outsource these efforts.
  • Google Finds Actions Speak Louder Than Clicks
    When Google wasn't looking, forward-thinking online marketers found that actions speak louder than clicks. Looking for new ways to improve advertising ROI, most of the savvy professionals who read the Performance Insider have been moving increasing portions of their ad spend from clicks to actions -- paying only when an ad leads to a meaningful result. So it comes as no surprise that Google has come around to your way of thinking about the next era of performance-based marketing.