• The 10 Things Performance Marketers Should Do -- But Don't
    Dear Performance Marketer: The economic forecast for 2009 looks a lot like what we've already seen in the second half of 2008: pain. Thus, creating marketing initiatives that are both effective and accountable has never been more challenging, yet essential. With this in mind, buckle up and take a look at these 10 guidelines to help improve conversion rates while also strengthening your brand in the new year.
  • Talking About A (R)evolution...
    As 2009 takes hold, we've been growing philosophical about the accelerating rate of change in online media brought about by this economy, and its implications for performance marketing. If you're anything like us, you're not succumbing to negativism; you religiously continue to rely on your solid online marketing fundamentals to help moor you through these unprecedented times. And because you have to be, you're more open to new methods and new models than you were before. A pundit recently said: "Survival is the new success." We can all do better than that.
  • Give Me More Leads
    I seek instant gratification. I blame this on my over-zealous, hyperactive, espresso drinking (at least three shots) persona. This is why I am not always impressed with campaigns I launch on Google's Content Network. Sure, the impressions are there -- but where are my conversions? This is why I often recommend that my ecommerce clients look to content campaigns as a branding effort, first, and a sales-generating tool, second.