• Questions To Ask When Evaluating Online Media
    It's important to know what to look for when working with new-media companies. Alignment with your goals, audience, reach: these criteria apply across all media buys. However, other issues are specific to the online world: online metrics, conversion accountability, reputation of Web sites and more. Below is a list of questions to ask when evaluating online media.
  • 7 Reasons NOT To Do Lead Gen
    As performance advertising increasingly becomes an online standard, there are still many hold-outs who stick to the traditional media only -- or, even worse, cut back on all advertising in honor of the recession. Maybe you're still resisting lead generation Like any emerging methodology, lead gen does require some focus to get started. But the results are worth it, particularly when economic times make legitimate prospects hard to find. As we make the rounds of advertisers, there are seven objections we consistently hear. Which ones sound like yours?
  • 5 Reasons E-Newsletters Lead To Marketing Success
    Media buyers and marketers looking to stretch every dollar and invest in effective and measurable marketing programs should add e-newsletter sponsorships to their marketing mix in 2009. E-newsletter advertisements are a perfect complement to your online marketing efforts. Here are five reasons why e-newsletters are a smart marketing choice....