• Adapt To New Nuances of Building B2B Relationships
    Have you ever heard a B2B marketing person make the following case: "If you just get a single sale out of this campaign, then it will have paid for itself." To be frank, I am guilty of having thought along those lines at times. That perspective, while plausible, doesn't actually pay the bills.
  • Social Media As A Sales Tool
    Getting involved in social media can offer value to sales professionals, without requiring hours of time. In fact, there are a number of benefits to be gained by spending only minutes a week on popular social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Take advantage of these six guidelines for engaging in social media as a sales tool.
  • Truth In Advertising
    As a sector, online lead generation activities accounted for an estimated $2 billion last year. It's big business, and a difficult one to get right, given that a large number of those buying media to drive these form fills do so by taking principal risk.
  • Data Takes Center Stage in 2010
    Last year, you couldn't open a marketing industry email or attend an industry conference without hearing about social media, Twitter and Facebook. This year, data will become a huge focus: how to get it, what to collect, who to share it with and what to do with it once you have it. Recently, I attended two distinct events, an investment banker conference and a marketing conference, yet all of the talk was about data.