• Qualifying Your Online Lead Generation Partner
    Choosing an online lead generation provider can be a daunting task -- as you should not only evaluate the company's performance, but also if its methods and tactics are in line with your values as a reputable brand. While the previous article, "5 Questions to Ask Your Online Lead Generation Provider" was very helpful, here are my "6 qualities to insist on before engaging your lead generation provider...."
  • Close The Loop With Online Lead Generation -- Or Else!
    Online lead generation is capable of being a hugely scalable channel, with an ROI that makes perfect sense to an advertiser. Conversely, it is also capable of being a major money pit! Other columnists have previously pointed this out and have provided insight on how to avoid the latter by paying close attention to the placement and structure of the advertisement. While these two components of the ad are vital, I am going to focus on the back end -- what must happen after the lead is generated.
  • Cost Per Lead -- Why Stop There?
    Not all leads are created equal. To illustrate this point, which lead generation program is more appealing? Would you prefer 1,000 anonymous email addresses where you eventually determine only ten to be good prospects? Or would you like one that delivers 100 leads, each of whom is an ideal prospect? The answer is obvious, but the trick is how to find those 100 prospects without wasting time sorting through thousands of anonymous and irrelevant respondents.
  • Greed Generation
    People are greedy. Oh sure, sometimes we break from the mold and have our altruistic moments, but at the core of our being, we love to receive. And in the spirit of greed, you can expect Web 3.0 to be adding an additional twist: revenue sharing. With the boom of user-generated content, most users were just happy to get a voice. However, the industry of UGC is maturing, and enough competition between venues has arisen that a new factor has been thrown into the mix: revenue-split models.