• What Are Co-Registration Networks Hiding?
    Co-registration has been touted by many industry gurus as a great way to build email lists as well as a lead generation strategy. For those of you not familiar with co-registration, it is where your opt-in offer appears alongside or after the opt-in form of another Web site. The idea behind this is that since it's sometimes difficult and time consuming to get people to come to your Web site to opt-in, it is easier to syndicate your opt-in offer to other Web sites. I concur that co-registration advertising is a solid strategy, as I have firsthand knowledge of many ...
  • Engagement Dis-content: The Perils Of Putting Format First
    In the world of lead generation engagement marketing, much of the focus is placed on the format in which media is delivered -- with little thought given to the specific content the buyer needs. History shows that most content assets are developed based on the vendor's previous strategy rather than the buyer's content consumption. Still, marketing departments around the globe produce three white papers and two Webcasts, for example, only to determine later exactly what content will fill the space or time.
  • A 'Credit Score' For Online Leads
    Most people are familiar with the term FICO score. Developed by Fair Isaac Corp., it's the credit rating most popular among U.S. banks, used to determine a consumer's loan eligibility and the rate of interest to charge the borrower. The score "predicts" the likelihood of repayment. Outside of consumer lending, such entities as direct marketers, collections agencies, insurers, telcos and utilities have been using modeling and scoring for years to predict response and measure risk in order to improve returns in their dealings with both existing and prospective customers. However, this tried-and-true practice is just starting to take hold in ...
  • IAB Best Practices Champion Transparency And Consumer Protection
    The digital performance marketing industry is tackling a number of important issues as it evolves into a more mature medium. Recent Performance Insider columns seem to revolve most frequently around increased government scrutiny of industry practices. It is therefore my pleasure to announce the release of the culmination of a proactive industry effort to collectively raise the bar: the IAB Lead Generation Committee's "B2C and B2B Best Practices for U.S.-based Advertisers and Publishers." This document directly addresses industry practices that are susceptible to misconduct and lays a clear path for companies that wish to operate as responsible corporate citizens.