• Improve The Efficiency Of Your Next Lead-Gen Campaign
    There's been a lot of talk in the lead generation space lately about site placement, transparency, lead verification, and so on. These are critical components to consider when choosing your partners for a lead generation campaign. However, one aspect of the lead generation media buying process that is so often overlooked is the execution -- getting the program live quickly and pain free. There is nothing worse than a provider who can't "tie their shoes" once the IO is signed! This article will help you navigate the waters to ensure the partners you choose are more than capable in the …
  • It's The Online Lead Generation Glossary
    In a media environment filled with stories of downturn this and slowdown that, the online lead generation industry has distinguished itself with explosive growth. This growth has largely been driven by advertiser demand for performance-based advertising. The 2007 IAB PWC Internet advertising report noted that for the first time, advertiser spend on performance based advertising was greater than that spent on CPM advertising
  • How The Candidates Could Use Performance Advertising
    So Obama and McCain are about to be anointed as Presidential nominees. And let's say their campaign staffs meet this week and talk marketing budgets. They'll go down the usual list: prime-time TV, heavy schedules in swing states, short inspirational films for convention use, lots of direct mail, a bunch of full-page ads in prestigious papers and so on. Of course, the campaigns will pay lip service to the online world with wry but reverent social media and blog entries.
  • Targeting And Engaging Consumers Online Is Easy -- Just Ask
    We've all done it, whether driving to an important business meeting, a trade show or a tourist attraction with restless kids in the car: gotten lost and refused to pull over and ask for directions, or at least waited far too long to do so, wasting time and causing ourselves and our fellow passengers a lot of unnecessary aggravation. Online mapping tools and GPS technology have alleviated some of these problems, but there are still times when technology won't cut it and we need to just ask another human being.