• Timing Is Everything
    The best leads clearly come about when the news shouts sudden change, and people immediately realize they need something. When the markets tanked a couple of weeks ago, how did financial lead gen perform? Surprisingly well for the investment and lead gen firms that thought ahead. Many had prepared copy and offers that featured strategies for turbulent markets or promoted safe havens like gold or even CDs. These offers showed real growth in opt-ins as investors wanted to know where to run for cover.
  • Primary Offline Advertising Drives Secondary Online Leads
    Why would anyone cancel a TV effort or a magazine campaign that was driving an acceptable cost per lead? Simple: it appears as if the campaign is failing because they are not counting all the leads driven by the advertising expenditure.
  • Young And Old Are Flocking Online -- Time You Reached Them
    It's past time for brand marketers to embrace the online world as a channel to reach prospects and create deep relationships with customers. Two groups that bookend the typical Internet browser/shopper demographic wield a great deal of clout. We'll look at these groups -- teens and boomers -- and provide some suggestions for brand marketers who may still be on the fence when considering the Internet as a channel to reach and convince these consumers.
  • Improving Multivariate Testing Through Segmentation
    An increasing number of Web marketers are turning to multivariate testing as an effective means to determine the optimal set of content on their sites. But when analyzing the result of a multivariate test, simply tracking the aggregate behavior of users is only the first step. For truly effective testing and optimization, Web marketers must slice their data by customer segment in order to determine not only which Web site variations were most effective, but for whom they were most effective.
  • It's What You Do (With Leads) That Matters
    Many Performance Insider articles naturally focus on strategies and techniques to optimize qualified lead generation. This is as it should be -- the cost-per-lead model is growing and evolving, and best practices are needed. But what happens after the lead is generated? Are you set up to get full value from the leads you receive?