• Beyond Your Web Site: Nine Ways To Build An Online Presence
    To compete effectively, it's necessary to expand and enhance your exposure in the same online sources your customers and prospects use while searching for products and conducting research. A broad and deep online presence gives you greater opportunity to present your brand, message or offer to your target audience -- increasing the likelihood of gaining customers.
  • Don Draper On Performance Advertising
    Around 5:30 Tuesday, I was standing at the bar at 21 with Don Draper for a couple of Gibsons and some advice. It was a typical muggy August New York evening, but Don looked sharp, his poplin suit perfectly pressed, that little dab of Brylcreem keeping it all in place. "I got something to run up the flagpole," I said nervously. He grimaced. "Don, my clients are all asking about how to make this performance advertising stuff work. Is it all baloney?"