• Performance Advertising And The 'R Word'
    The subprime crisis, the dollar crisis, the credit crisis, the energy crisis -- and a few crises to be named later -- may all add up to an economic growth crisis, aka A RECESSION. Since many of the buyers and sellers in today's advertising market have never endured such times, a few thoughts from this wizened sage may be in order.
  • Strengthening Customer Relationships Through Lead Generation
    More and more, large companies with extensive customer databases are beginning to examine the merit of lead generation as a way to build customer loyalty and to better monetize existing customer relationships. Let me explain....
  • CAUTION: Don't Throw the Baby Out With The Bathwater!
    Should we let the government be the watchdog of our industry, or should we put more robust measures in place to self-regulate? I think the answer is a no-brainer: We should self-regulate. The current spotlight on "best practices" is great, but I think it's time we apply some peer pressure and begin the process of regulating ourselves.